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The American Bully is one Of The Best Pets For Truck Drivers- Manmade Kennels

Best Pets For Truck Drivers

American Bully, Best Dog For Truckers

Manmade Kennels Produces the best dogs for truckers, as seen by their increase in customers in 2023.

CHIKASHA, OKLAHOMA, USA, June 5, 2023/ -- Trucking with a dog is becoming popular as US Truckers are warming up to the idea of a larger pet companion- the American Bully as one of the ideal pets for truck drivers.

As a trucker driver, life on the road can be lonely and isolated, spending long hours on the road with only your thoughts and the open road for company. However, for dog lovers, having a furry companion by your side can make all the difference. Dogs not only provide companionship but also security and a sense of responsibility.

The American bully dog makes a great trucking companion because of its size and strength. They are a strong and muscular breed, proving a sense of security for truckers by scaring away intruders and imminent threats. Most truckers love the American bully dog for how adaptable of a breed it is, being able to blend into any type of lifestyle, including OTR trucking.

In 2023, Manmade Kennels sold pitbull puppies to lots of customers- a huge number of them truck drivers. "We constantly receive inquiries about our puppies from truckers looking for a pet to make life inside the truck livelier".

Perhaps this rise in demand for the American bully is due to the dog’s low exercise requirements. Despite being a big and muscular breed, the American bully can survive on moderate exercise compared to other large dog breeds. American bullies are gentle and generally mild-mannered. They are easy to train and make ideal pets for truckers because they learn commands faster and are well-behaved in different situations.

"They are also stable and confident dogs", says Shane and Morgan of Manmade Kennels. These dogs don't mind being left alone and are less likely to suffer separation anxiety, especially in a closed space like the inside of a truck.

Manmade Kennels are 5-star rated pitbull breeders in America. They have professionally bred American bully dogs for over a decade and have affiliate breeders in various States in the US- Florida, Louisiana, California, and Mississippi. The Kennels has also expanded its brand to Europe.

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