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Domestic Abuse Survivor Launches MyNARA App to Help Other Victims

Emma Davey - Founder of MyNARA and abuse survivor

MyNARA gives victims expert support, as well as addressing other common challenges.”
— Emma Davey, Award-winning specialist counsellor in narcissistic abuse
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED KINGDOM, June 1, 2023/ -- Award winning therapist and domestic abuse survivor, Emma Davey, has today launched MyNARA, a web and mobile recovery app to provide narcissistic abuse victims with advice and support to end their isolation. The App’s features include NarcArmorTM, a 12-phase recovery programme, a journal to report incidents and permanent cloud storage so that victims can keep evidence for the courts.

Emma was the victim of narcissistic abuse. To escape the abuse Emma went to Australia, where she studied and qualified as a counsellor. She returned to the UK and set up her award-winning specialist counselling business, MyTraumaTherapy. She also set up a Facebook Support Group that now has over 30k active users. Members and Emma’s clients have actively helped to ensure that MyNARA delivers the needs of victims.

Emma explained why she is launching the App; “As a victim I struggled to get support. Abusers isolate their victims from friends and family. The first counsellor I saw did not understand the nature of narcissistic abuse and my abuser charmed her into believing I was the problem. Specialist counsellors are hard to find, and too expensive for many victims. MyNARA gives victims expert support, as well as addressing other common challenges. For example, I failed to get justice for years because my abuser, like many, would destroy my phones and hack my computer to delete the evidence (if I was brave enough to risk storing it) and without evidence the police would not prosecute.”

The MyNARA app is cloaked on the user's phone, so that the abuser won’t notice it, and even if they do, they then won’t be able to access it. Evidence of incidents, such as text messages, audio and video recording or photos of injuries, are stored in the MyNARA cloud. No-one, not even the user, is able to delete that evidence. This prevents the abuser from deleting it or charming the victim into deleting it. The app also has a journal facility to record incidents.

Teresa Payne, Managing Partner of law firm Parfitt Cresswell and her team of family lawyers have handled many divorces that involve abuse and is an enthusiastic supporter of the new app. “We’ve worked on many distressing cases, where it is clear that our client is the victim of domestic abuse, but without evidence it is difficult to prove in court. MyNARA’s secret cloud storage system means that evidence can be recorded and stored so the abuser cannot find it or erase it if they do. It can then be sent onto the police, lawyers and courts. It will make proving the abuse our client has suffered so much easier.”

MyNARA (which stands for My Narcissistic Abuse Recovery App) delivers education and support free of charge. Victims who want to take part in the 12-phase NarcArmour© recovery programme, and those that need to store large quantities of evidence, are charged just £6.99 per month in the UK and $8.99 in the USA. As financial control is a common feature of abuse, friends and families are able to pay for the app on behalf of the victim. Employers and charitable organisations are also able to buy access for multiple victims. Access codes can be purchased from MyNARA.

One of the key features of narcissistic abuse is the trauma bond that abusers form with their victims early in the relationship. This is the reason why victims find it so hard to leave their abuser. They have an addiction to their abuser that is as powerful as substance abuse. In the first phases of the NarcArmour© programme, MyNARA consequently supports the victim in a similar way to other addiction programmes. It gives the victim the tools they need to end the addiction one day at a time.

Emma’s abuser, Ashley Southgate, a property developer from Kent, was convicted of coercive control against Emma at Maidstone Crown Court in November 2022 (Case Number: T20220202) and sent to prison for 19 months. Emma suffered regular physical attacks over the course of 6 years and feared for her life. Southgate set up cameras in every room in their home, so that he would always know what Emma was doing and sent pornographic photos to Emma’s parents to humiliate her and them. After Emma left him, he tried to contact her by phone and text up to 80 times a day.

Bigspark, an award-winning technology consultancy based in the north of England, developed the App with Emma and their co-founder became part of the MyNARA management team. Director, Shaine Ismail, explained why they got involved: “Once you get chatting to people, almost everyone knows someone who has been a victim, it’s horrifying. Emma’s ideas for the App excited the entire team, we could see that it solved so many of the problems that victims experience.”

The MyNARA app is not yet available on App stores, instead you can download the web-based app (free of charge) onto your phone from their website at It then behaves just like an app on your phone, except it is cloaked and locked with a PIN of your choosing. The website includes vital expert information and advice for anyone who believes they, or a loved one, might be subjected to narcissistic abuse by a partner.

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