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AET Opens New Lab at University of Nevada Center for Applied Research

University of Nevada Center for Applied Research

The AET Team is looking forward to utilizing the new lab space to help bring our Sulfex™ and other environmentally-friendly products, such as EcoMix™, to market around the world”
— Barry Dallum, AET Vice President of Business Development
RENO, NEVADA, U.S.A., May 31, 2023/ -- Alternative Environmental Technologies Holdings Corp. ("AET") is pleased to announce the opening of a new laboratory at the University of Nevada’s Center for Applied Research. The main purpose of the new lab will be for receiving and testing fuel samples from various potential customers who have expressed interest in using AET’s Sulfex™ desulfurization technology. The lab will also be used to improve and develop new AET technology.

About Sulfex™

AET’s Sulfex™ desulfurization technology lowers the sulfur content of fuels and pyrolysis oils as well as cleans and clarifies distressed solvents and used motor oils. AET’s Sulfex™ technology overcomes several shortcomings of conventional hydrodesulfurization (also referred to as HDS or hydrotreating), which is currently used by refineries around the world today. The HDS process is able to modify and remove sulfur-bearing compounds. AET’s patented approach does that and more while saving refineries and other interested parties money in both the installation and operation of their technology:

Conventional Hydrodesulfurization (HDS):
● Uses hydrogen gas
● Requires high temperatures of 300 to 400 degrees Celsius
● Requires high pressures of 30 to 130 atmospheres
● Limited to large refineries due to excessively high capital and operating costs

AET’s Sulfex™ Desulfurization Technology
● Cheaper, cleaner, and safer
● No high temperatures or high pressures required
● No large amounts of ancillary equipment
● Substantially less expensive, both in terms of capital and operations
● More environmentally-friendly

Prepared For Business

Earlier in May, AET also announced the midway point milestone of installing and operating its first commercial Sulfex™ diesel desulfurization unit. Commissioning and startup are anticipated to occur later this year. With the new lab at the University of Nevada, AET will be able to test fuel samples for their customers so they can see Sulfex™ at work on their own products before the first commercial unit is complete. For more information on Sulfex™, contact AET today.

“The AET Team is looking forward to utilizing the new lab space to help bring our Sulfex™ and other environmentally-friendly products, such as EcoMix™, to market around the world,” stated AET Vice President of Business Development, Barry Dallum.

About Alternative Environmental Technologies

Alternative Environmental Technologies is an eco-friendly technology company dedicated to comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to ecological problems centering on the processing and usage of hydrocarbons. With numerous worldwide patents and patent applications, AET has developed products that provide economical ways to address the increasingly stringent environmental and emission regulations globally.

Using its protected technologies, AET has developed products that provide low-cost ways to address these new, rigorous regulations on emissions:
● Remove as much as 99.9% of all sulfur compounds found in existing high-sulfur fuels and middle distillates sourced from various refineries;
● Enhance combustion efficiency of fuel oil for industrial furnaces and boilers;
● Substitute water for expensive light distillates (i.e. diesel) in producing heavy fuel oil (HFO); and
● Reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, the key hurdle to global adoption of biofuel and biodiesel-based products.

Each of the above abilities of AET technology is cheaper and better for the environment than existing processes used by refineries. For more information, please contact AET at or by phone at +1 775 309 4555. Or, visit us online at

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