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Nobelbiz’s Webinar Series Welcomes Jacquelyn Levin and Christian Montes to Talk about Contact Center Burnout

Webinar Contact Center Burnout

Webinar Contact Center Burnout

Tips to Improve Mental Health and Reduce Agent Attrition

Everybody should take responsibility individually for their mental health! But from a leadership point of view, as a leader, you should encourage your employees to take their time off.”
— Jacquelyn Levin, CEO of Python Insurance
CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2023/ -- As May is the worldwide recognized Mental Health Awareness Month, NobelBiz released a new live webinar with experts invited to talk about burnout and mental health in contact centers.

The dialogue took place between:

- Guest Jacquelyn Levin, CEO of Python Insurance - business owner and entrepreneur with a background and master's degree in clinical psychology. Jacquelyn has spent the last decade integrating her experience with human psychology and applying it to the business world. Currently, she owns a National Insurance agency and an International lead generation and marketing company.

- Host Christian Montes, Executive VP of Client Operations at NobelBizat - a professional with over 15 years of leveraging technology and creative tactics to drive outcomes. Christian has worked with some of the world's largest Enterprise Contact Centers, BPOs, and Global CCaaS providers.

The 24th episode of the NobelBiz thoroughly built Webinar Series was streamed live on Thursday, May 25 at 1 pm EST | 10 am PST. The episode can now be accessed on-demand on the NobelBiz official website.

This dialogue aimed to help the audience understand the importance of well-being in any workplace, especially in call centers, famous for their high-stress levels, and to learn simple but efficient tips to reduce stress and improve mental health and happiness in their personal and professional lives.

Watch the entire episode on-demand to learn about:

- Contact Center burnout & mental health status - an overview
- Burnout and poor mental health root cause(s) - the conflict
- The impact of poor mental health on individual and company results
- Leading by example: the importance of managers and owners managing their own mental health, job satisfaction, and happiness
- Strategies to prevent call center agent burnout
- Employee support programs for mental health
- Simple stress management tips you can apply daily

About NobelBiz:

NobelBiz is a Contact Center software and voice carrier provider that has grown to serve Contact Centers globally.

Being more an extension of its clients' services rather than a direct vendor, the company combines multiple carrier systems into a single unified network with worldwide backups. NobelBiz also offers advanced Omnichannel software solutions that handle text (email, webchat, SMS), social media, and voice in a single, easy-to-use interface.

The NobelBiz Webinar series aims to deliver monthly information-rich episodes that can teach you how to improve your Contact Center business.

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