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LifeForce Games Redefines MOBA Defense with Spark Defense Alpha

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LifeForce Games Logo

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Spark Defense raises the bar by introducing UGC game developers to a genre that they can heavily influence as they build their very own games with LFG.”
— Ryan Inman, Co-founder of LFG
SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2023/ -- LifeForce Games (LFG) is proud to announce the release of Spark Defense Alpha, a MOBA defense game that’s redefining the genre through progressive threat levels and dynamic crafting.

Spark Defense features a colorful cast of extraordinary Heroes with jaw-dropping abilities. Protecting the Harvester is no easy feat. Players can tailor their defensive layout to their unique playstyle while experiencing first-hand the type of game that can be created with LFG’s no code, drag and drop Game Generator.

“The gaming industry is rapidly changing and we’re in the thick of a user generated content (UGC) gaming revolution,” said Ryan Inman, Co-founder of LFG. “When we look at gaming genres, MOBA defense is untapped and ripe for disruption. Spark Defense raises the bar by introducing UGC game developers to a genre that they can heavily influence as they build their very own games with LFG.”

Spark Defense is infused with the guiding pillars of UGC gaming: game design, level design, AI and aesthetics. It’s through games like Spark Defense that LFG is giving players the right tools to build the games of their dreams.

“LFG sees a future where every player can become a game builder,” said Catherine Carroll, Co-founder of LFG. “We created Spark Defense to demonstrate how a new gaming genre can be shaped, but our ecosystem also includes multiple genre and cross-genre games. We’re also giving UGC game builders the tools to monetize their games through subscriptions, product sales, and battle passes.”

In early May, LFG announced its partnership with Treasure, a player-centric platform that bridges game builders with gamers. Together, Treasure and LFG will create a unique ecosystem where Treasure’s community of players battle it out on the leaderboard as they play Spark Defense and begin game building when LFG launches its Game Generator in Q3 2023.

Play Spark Defense Alpha today to experience a new style of MOBA defense gaming. Want to build your own game? Visit to create a GamerTag and be in-the-know when LFG’s Game Generator goes live.

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About LifeForce Games
LifeForce Games (LFG) is a game development studio founded by Ryan Inman (aka Boomer) and Catherine Carroll (aka Satsuma), the founders of the largest metaverse developer worldwide, LandVault. The LFG team consists of gaming, media, and technology veterans, including senior team members from Daybreak, Amazon, Disney, HarperCollins, Sony Playstation and Sony Online Entertainment.

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