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Arc Launches HireAI, an AI Recruiter Transforming Global Remote Developer Hiring

Meet HireAI, your AI personal recruiter

Arc launches HireAI, an AI-powered recruiter transforming global remote developer hiring by instantly matching companies with top talent, saving time and money

Since Arc’s launch in 2019, we’ve seen countless hiring managers and recruiters frustrated with sifting through hundreds of resumes and manual outreach to find the right candidates”
— Weiting Liu
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 25, 2023/ -- Arc, the remote jobs marketplace for software developers, has launched HireAI, an AI-powered recruiter that makes hiring top tech talent faster and easier than ever. By instantly matching companies with the right candidates from its global developer network, Arc’s HireAI eliminates tedious tasks that hiring managers face, such as candidate search, resume screening, and manual outreach. As a result, it saves companies time and money in finding top remote talent from all over the world and speeds up hiring significantly.

Powered by OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4, HireAI uses a company’s job description to find the best match candidates from Arc's pool of over 250,000 remote developers worldwide. Hiring managers then contact shortlisted candidates directly on the platform for quick interviews and hiring. HireAI also automatically identifies the top applicants for job posts, eliminating the need to manually screen hundreds of resumes. With each match, HireAI learns preferences, resulting in even more personalized and accurate results over time.

According to Weiting Liu, the founder and CEO of Arc, "Before HireAI, hiring managers spent hours sifting through resumes and reviewing applications, with a low signal-to-noise ratio. HireAI replaces the manual search for candidates, job ads, and mass outreach. This helps companies quickly find high-potential candidates – while tapping into remote talent around the globe – so they can hire the right fit for their team faster than ever before."

With more companies transitioning to remote work, and more applicants worldwide, hiring managers face increasing numbers of candidates to sort through. HireAI simplifies the remote hiring process and the complexities of hiring candidates globally, making it more efficient and cost-effective to access top talent anywhere in the world. HireAI also reduces unconscious bias by matching candidates by removing subjective manual reviews. For companies, this means faster, more accurate hiring that's inclusive and diverse.

Arc’s HireAI is currently available for free at Get started with HireAI today and tap into Arc’s global network of top remote software developers.

About Arc

Arc is a leading AI-powered remote jobs marketplace connecting companies with over 250,000 software developer job seekers worldwide. The Arc platform gives companies direct access to a verified network of developers for full-time and freelance roles, making global remote hiring easier than ever. A related product under Arc is Codementor, a remote learning platform for developers providing live mentorship and virtual events. Together, Arc and Codementor have built a community of over 1 million developers and are on a mission to help anyone build an amazing remote career from anywhere, starting with software developers.

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