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Argentina’s decision to open the entire 6 GHz band for unlicenced access will boost technical innovation, says DSA

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, May 24, 2023/ -- The decision by the Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM) to fully embrace the 5925-7125 MHz band for unlicenced use will stimulate development across a number of sectors of Argentina’s digital economy, announced Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) President Martha Suarez today.

Unlicenced use of Wi-Fi requires large amounts of spectrum to be made available in order to expand services and reach thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), internet providers, telecommunications co-operatives and community networks. These are essential in connecting all types of communities, neighbourhoods, schools, hospitals and other groups operating in critical sectors. With the decision to enable the entire 6 GHz band for unlicenced usage, thousands of professionals across Argentina will be able to enjoy the benefits of reliable connectivity and new Wi-Fi technologies.

“The DSA welcomes the recent decision by ENACOM”, said Suarez. “After a study process of almost three years and numerous consultations with both the general public and organizations within the industry, we will soon see a boom within the national industry. Ultimately, Argentina now has the tools export products and services of high value that can fully integrate into the global digital economy, placing the country at the forefront of technological innovation”.

During the announcement by the Minister of Economy of the Nation, Mr. Sergio Massa, a number of industry bodies including the DSA and some of its members, pledged to support the government and provide training to technicians and national SMEs found in the country. This will enable value-added equipment and services to be developed and oriented to the new connectivity models enabled through full use of the 6 GHz band. Through the decision, digital tools designed to create software, skills training or entertainment content – areas where Argentina is already a regional power – can be supported within newer concepts such as virtual and augmented reality.

Nine countries in the Americas region already enabled access to the entire 6 GHz frequency band, providing 254 million households and 78% of the continent’s population with reliable connectivity and the tools for further evolution in Wi-Fi technologies. A recent study carried out by the Telecom Advisory Services indicated Argentina could enjoy a $63 billion economical boost by 2031 as a result of opening the full 6 GHz band.

“Argentina’s alignment with the prevailing trend within the region is a wise decision which will provide certainty regarding the evolution of connectivity solutions, services and technologies”, continued Suarez. “The promotion of Wi-Fi will be essential in connecting all citizens, and enhancing the development of technologies within gaming, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Metaverse. The decision will lead to the creation of more jobs and help the country meet its high productive potential, while accelerating the digitalization and evolution of industries and production processes”.

Unlicenced access for Wi-Fi in turn will accompany the development of 5G within Argentina, as a large portion of mobile traffic is offloaded over fixed wireless access networks.

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