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Digital Pharmacy Teams Up with Direct-to-Provider Organization to Help Employers Save Money and Enhance Access to Meds

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RICHMOND, VA, US, May 23, 2023/ -- Qwark Health, a fast-growing, multi-state digital pharmacy that leverages modern technology to help patients access affordable medications with ease, has announced its partnership with ACMG, a top health benefits solutions provider in Virginia. The partnership aims to help employers save money on prescription medications while ensuring that their members have easy access to high-quality, affordable drugs and medical supplies.

Through the partnership, Qwark Health will be the preferred pharmacy for ACMG's members for all non-acute medications and 90-day fills. Qwark Health will provide its state-of-the-art digital pharmacy platform to ACMG's members. The digital platform leverages advanced technology to offer patients an easy, fast, and cost-effective way to order and manage prescription medications. Additionally, the platform is designed to help employers save money on prescription drugs by negotiating lower drug prices and reducing waste.

"We are thrilled to partner with ACMG to help more employers provide their members with affordable access to medications," said Qwark Health Co-founder, Devang Dhaka. "Our digital platform and a unique click-and-brick model provide a seamless experience for patients, enabling them to get the medications they need quickly and at lower costs. By working with ACMG, we can help employers save money on prescription drugs while improving their members' health outcomes."

The partnership between Qwark Health and ACMG comes at a time when employers are looking for innovative ways to reduce healthcare costs for their employees. Prescription drug costs have been a significant challenge for many employers, making it difficult for employees to access the medications they need to stay healthy.

"Employers are always looking for ways to save money on healthcare costs without compromising the quality of care their employees receive," said ACMG CEO, Paul Kitchen. "By partnering with Qwark Health, we can help our clients achieve their cost-saving goals while ensuring that their members have access to high-quality, affordable medications. We look forward to working with Qwark Health to deliver innovative solutions that help employers and patients alike."

About Qwark Health:

Qwark Health is a fast-growing tech-enabled pharmacy platform focused on revamping the pharmacy experience and lowering prescription prices through its unique click-and-brick model and partnerships with other pharmacies and manufacturers.

About ACMG:

ACMG is a health benefits solutions provider that provides innovative solutions to help employers reduce healthcare costs while ensuring that their employees have access to high-quality care. Its comprehensive suite of services includes pharmacy benefit management, clinical services, and data analytics. The company is committed to delivering cost-effective solutions that improve health outcomes for patients.

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