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Innovation & Civility Disrupt the Global Stage with Dr. Krystylle Richardson Hosting "THE WORLD SPEAKS Expert Forum"

Dr. Krystylle Richardson, Global Wealth Innovation Strategist. MOTTO'S: "Think. Disrupt. Lead." and "No Legacy Unreached"

The World Speakers - Expert Forum to discuss how to use disruption, frequency and momentum to activate your greatness with HRH Dr. Clyde Rivers, of I Change Nations - The World Civility Leader.

Innovaligy® Certificate from the U.S. Trademark Office awarded to Dr. Krystylle Richardson in early 2023, where Innovaligy® combines innovation and technology to be defined as the manifestation of creative thought in motion.

St. Paul University - Kenya - students engage with Dr. Krystylle Richardson while diving into the actions needed to deploy and monetize innovative thinking. Pictured here - students interested in the Innovaligy® Centers of Excellence monetization incubator initiative.

"The 51 Powerful P's of Public Speaking" - Actionable tips and tools for any speaking engagement - Forward by Don Green, Executive Director of the Napolean Hill Foundation & Coming Soon "Activating Your Greatness" Forward by HRH Dr. Clyde Rivers, Founder.

Dr. Krystylle Richardson commissions over 20 experts to lead disruptive conversations regarding innovation, frequency, and momentum, for impact and monetization

Stop chasing other people's dreams and living THEIR version of your life. Start appreciating how you were created, celebrate yourself, and show the world your impact and legacy.”
— Dr. Krystylle Richardson
GILBERT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2023/ -- Dr. Krystylle Richardson brings together over 20 great minds to the stage of Life Innovation Global TV for a power online session entitled, THE WORLD SPEAKS Expert Forum. This spotlight features powerful global experts across numerous continents, countries, and industries. Dr. Krystylle's forums have included incredible thought leaders over the past five years, starting with her syndicated radio show, Soaring with Eagles on Voice America

On this show, (replays are still available), her first guest was none other than the super impactful and loved Frank Shankwitz, a key founder of The Make-A-Wish Foundation. She continued to bring on powerhouse CEO’s, multi-millionaire and billionaire guests, who over the years continued to grace her stages, forums, summits, podcasts, and visiting one another’s homes. She believes that relationship, kindness, and the grace of God, have helped her to continue to engage and rally her high net-worth circle around increasing our global positive impact, and not just our bank accounts. This mindset along with her countless humanitarian efforts, has awarded her the honor several years ago of being knighted as Lady Krystylle with the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and St. Helen.

During the being of the pandemic, Dr. Krystylle suffered greatly from covid, double pneumonia, long covid, and brain fog, and almost fell into a deep depression from not being able to bounce back as she and those who depended on her had hoped. However, being thankful to God for another day of life, day after day, she began the journey to start checking off the completion of deliverables for clients nationally and internationally as she gained strength and clarity on why God saw fit to let her live. As such, The World Speaks Expert Forum is an extension of the network of summits and is a way for her and her team to once again, gather the voices of greatness in one place for people from various walks of life to hear, learn from and be forever transformed. God has granted Dr. Krystylle the ability to mobilize her network for such endeavors, as she uses discernment regarding her guest list selection and interviews, in hopes to provide the listeners with the highest quality content possible.

The upcoming June 6th forum has gathered industry leaders to discuss the power of innovation, frequency & momentum across countless industries through her business structure of Life Innovation Global. One of the divisions of her business structure is thriving and growing day after day as an example of how Dr. Krystylle reaches across industry modalities. This division is Women of Impact and Innovation International (WOIII) with the website of A number of the ladies involved in her women’s movement will be speaking during The World Speaks come June 6th. (More of them will speak at some of her next summits as well.) The goal of the WOIII movement is to honor wisdom and to raise up the next generation of powerful professional women leaders, across the globe. Dr. Krystylle has assembled a top-tier group of women in WOIII, who do not just talk about impact, but live it daily and globally across the functional areas of their six Ambassador Boards:


• Business & Leadership
• Wealth & Investments
• Media & Marketing
• Health & Wellness
• Innovation & Technology
• Outreach & Mentorship

The WOIII & Global Sisterhood queens will be holding their 2nd Annual Powerful Women’s Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 25-27, 2023 and their Executive and Ambassador Board post-summit planning meeting in Virginia at Leadership @ The Lake August 27-30, 2023 as they plan their 2024 Powerful Women’s Summit in an international location. She is inviting all women who want to experience true sisterhood, powerful transformation, and alignment with purpose, to join her and 150 other powerful women by registering today per this Eventbrite link: . Everything she does revolves around innovation and connecting her initiatives at every opportunity. As such, several of the June 6th The World Speaks outputs will be discussed during a few of the panels at the Powerful Women’s Summit as well.

This June 6th forum is a final link between innovation and greatness being defined and manifested. The outputs of the forum will be The World Speaks chapter of her newest book, Activating Your Greatness, which is the introduction of Innovaligy® to the world (A word that she was honored and proud to have received the U.S. Trademark for during early 2023). There will be other The World Speak Expert Forums in the future with additional industry leaders as well as Nex Gen Innovators. The Nex Gen Innovators will participate in Innovation Pitch Fests as some of the outputs of their final assignments from being in her team's monetization incubator modality “Innovaligy® Centers of Excellence” (I.C.oE. aka I.C.E.). The Pitch Fest will use lessons from her newest book: The 51 Powerful Ps of Public Speaking, in circulation internationally since earlier this year with the subtitle: Actionable Tips for any speaking engagement, complete with workbook sections and note spaces. (Purchase yours today at )

Her team currently has students in Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, London, China, and the United States and is in conversations with organizations interested in Uganda, Turkey, and India for further deployment.

The I.C.E. initiative of Life Innovation Global is also glad to announce the collaboration, Dr. Manoj Shah, and members of the Lions Club as being very instrumental in creating connections that have allowed and will further allow our innovative monetization incubators to be realized. Also, Dr. Krystylle has partnered with GPP (Global Partners and Purpose) as one of her main liaison leads in Kenya, where she was named their first Global Advisory Board Member to further their influence and growth structure. The GPP Founder, Dr. Juma Nashon, recently gave her a gracious welcome in Nairobi, Kenya during her keynote tour and ministry endeavors where she and Dr. Nashon led The Exceptional Leadership Symposium with delegates from numerous churches and schools earlier this year. Dr. Krystylle also supported the speakers and teams that recently gave addresses at the United Nations in Nairobi as part of the Congress for Global Communications (CGC) under the leadership of Dr. Sonya Robinson, hosted by Dr. Manoj Shah and the Lions. Dr. Krystylle is currently in further deployment discussions there for Innovaligy® and plans to return to Kenya. This is forecasted to be over the next year bringing more delegates to keynote, minister, and further the monetization and sustainability of the nation through innovation, with God’s word as the foundation. It should also be noted that the June 6th The World Speaks Expert Forum will be graced with the power and fruitful insights of Dr. Juma as he represents the GPP and the future alliance of the I.C.E. monetization incubators across Kenya. Together with HRH Dr. Rivers, Dr. Shah, Dr. Nashon, and others, they are facilitating the deployment of hundreds of thousands of dollars of scholarships and supplies to qualified candidates. Some are also able to win an all-expense paid trip to the United States to further their entrepreneurship journey, by participating in challenges and completing assignments, as they launch online courses as one stream of income related to Element 10™, another monetization modality of Life Innovation Global. Dr. Krystylle is very eager to continue talks with corporations and community groups to increase funding and scholarships for this initiative and appreciate every opportunity she and her team has to positively impact each and every life they can year after year. (To inquire about being a financial sponsor, partner, mentor, an internship host, or to ask about having I.C.E. in your country, university or school, inquire at or ).

June 6th is coming and the speakers are eager to share, as they give their best insight on this global stage. Below are a few of the topic areas to further emphasize what to expect.

It is important to understand who we are and how our way of thinking, life and decision-making align with others. This determines our circle of what Dr. Krystylle describes as “Situational Monetization™”. Most of us, Dr. Krystylle would say all of us, have numerous ways that we could monetize our gifts, talents, and skills. This is what she terms Element 10 ™. This is largely dependent on frequency. Per general research, the frequency of our personal interactions is important because it plays a crucial role in shaping our relationships, connections and monetization outcomes. The more frequently we interact with someone or a group of people, the more opportunities we have to build rapport, trust, and understanding with them. Dr. Krystylle calls this Connection Innovation™, and is one of her other pending books. Regular interactions also give us more chances to address any issues, build on common themes of interest in our relationships, and approaches, and strengthen our bonds over time. This The World Speaks Expert Forum is one of the ways that Dr. Krystylle consistently provides opportunities for her network (6-10 Figure thought leaders), to interact, build, and grow). Healthy banter, discussion and open-minded interactions, is what Dr. Krystylle loves, as it helps us all to realize that we are more alike than we are different. It also helps us to realize that there is more genius in the world than may be evident at first sight. It is true that this forum has attracted her network of 6-10 Figure thought leaders, and also budding entrepreneurs from various countries, based on her Nex Gen Innovators initiatives and I.C.E. monetization incubator centers of excellence.

Based on data from 2019 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), women inventors named in international patents was only 13.3%, which means that the overwhelming majority of patent owners are men. Dr. Krystylle has created this forum and the I.C.E. (Innovaligy® Centers of Excellence) to help fill the gap, by including both male and female participants, but focusing on WOIII as a way to encourage women to do more. Even though the report also notes that this gender gap is slowly narrowing, as women accounted for only 9% of international patent applications between 1995 and 2000, and 13.7% between 2012 and 2017, Dr. Krystylle feels that the numbers and still way too low. While there is still much work to be done to address gender disparities in patent ownership, it is encouraging to see progress being made.
Per WIPO, there is a similar story regarding trademarks. For 2020 female trademark applicants accounted for over 35% of all trademarks worldwide in 2019, up from 32.4% in 2009. This suggests that women are becoming more active in protecting their intellectual property rights, including trademarks. There are a lot of factors that go into the accuracy of that number per Dr. Krystylle, but she is still encouraged by the fact that it is getting better. As noted earlier, she received her official U.S. trademark for her new work Innovaligy ® this year, as well as her honorary doctorate from United Graduate College and Seminary International for her research, evidence and results in the area of innovation, philosophy and humanities. She is very appreciative of HRH Dr. Clyde Rivers for this recognition, mentorship and the opportunities to continuously be given audience with global thought leaders to help her help the world to close the patent and trademark gap as one goal.

Dr. Rivers, is the opening keynote for the June 6th Expert Forum, and is the world voice for civility. Dr. Krystylle emphasizes that his words, insight and prophetic approach to life, have shifted the trajectory of hundreds of thousands of lives, based on the people he has touched, and the lives they have touched, worldwide. For the people who have been thrust into their greatness under the direction of Dr. Clyde Rivers, understand that the number of patents, trademarks, published works, and more, have him to thank for helping them to believe and manifest because of his unique dream impregnation and birthing capabilities. The next step that Dr. Clyde and Dr. Krystylle emphasize, especially during the current economic outlook, is the importance of monetization for sustainability. Without sustainability, we do not exist. The June 6th Expert Forum, will open with insightful comments from Dr. Rivers on this and should not be missed.

Dr. Krystylle and her forum guests will be discussing why having an innovative niche in business is important. Some of the areas will be regarding competitive advantages, revenue growth, emphasizing the strength of innovative teams, defining a unique value proposition, and more. The pre-survey questions are revealing some interesting trends that they will share during the forum. She and her team encourage everyone to fill out some of the surveys on . This is the survey hub for her clients, network and partners to create paradigm shifts through their own data sources, rather than always relying on the giants of data. Inputs gathered on StatsCollective are growing as The World Speaks network grows. This brings us to the next area of focus, momentum.

Momentum, what is it? Dr. Krystylle will be discussing this with her forum guests as the speed of adaptability, the increase in customer acquisition, the path to business funding or even an exit strategy. They will also discuss another of her favorite areas, the speed in which we change our behaviors to accept or mitigate risk.

This forum will lead the way for Dr. Krystylle’s research team to take the pre-survey and post-forum outputs into account for the final The World Speaks chapter of Activating Your Greatness. The book currently has a number of phenomenal contributing authors. The chapter entitled The World Speaks, helps us to incorporate even more views, insights, and tools for the readers to ponder and possibly utilize, as they activate their greatness.

Join the experts by listening and watching Life Innovation Global TV YouTube on June 6th, 2023. (Please subscribe to our YouTube to stay updated.)

Join Dr. Krystylle and other powerhouses at The Powerful Women’s Summit in Pittsburgh on August 25-27, 2023.
Dr. Krystylle’s motto is “no legacy unreached.”

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