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Law Offices of Tricia S. Lindsay provides update on Joanna Laiscell wrongful dismissal case against Hartford BOE

Acting CFO Joanna Laiscell files wrongful dismissal suit against the Hartford Board of Education.

HARTFORD, CT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 25, 2023/ -- Law Offices of Tricia S. Lindsay provides update on Joanna Laiscell wrongful dismissal case against Hartford Board of Education

The Law Offices of Tricia S. Lindsay today announced details of a discrimination and wrongful dismissal case against the Hartford Board of Education brought by former employee Joanna Laiscell. Ms. Laiscell was terminated from her position as a Financial Executive Director at the Board in 2018, accused of insurance fraud.

In an unprecedented breach of privacy, information about her case was leaked to the local media, resulting in one-sided articles being published in the Hartford Courant. Ms. Laiscell was never given the appropriate right to reply, and these articles have severely damaged her professional reputation, making it impossible for her to find subsequent work.

In more than 23 years of exemplary service to the Hartford Board of Education, Ms. Laiscell rose through the ranks of the finance department, achieving the position of Executive Director. In 2018, she was made acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and was invited to apply for that position full-time when the vacancy became available.

It was at this point that Ms. Laiscell was terminated. The stated reason for the dismissal was insurance fraud discovered after an internal audit, despite no evidence, and no criminal complaint being lodged.

In a deposition as part of Ms. Laiscell’s discrimination and wrongful dismissal case, a junior employee working within the Risk Management department at the Hartford Board of Education has admitted that she was given explicit instructions by her supervisor to research Ms Laiscell’s private affairs.

In a direct quote from the deposition, the source said that her boss “made it quite clear before the
audit that he had hatred towards Joanna”, and that he told her: "Don't worry about her. I'm working on getting rid of her."

Ms. Laiscell has never faced any criminal charges of any kind for benefits or insurance fraud, and she has never been contacted by law enforcement, but the accusations raised in the internal audit were enough to result in her abrupt termination.

In the five years since her dismissal, Ms. Laiscell has been unable to find work in any similar position due to the stigma of the case, and the lasting effects of the misleading articles in the media.

“This lady’s career lies in ruins purely because of the actions of one bitter colleague with an ax to grind,” said Tricia Lindsay, attorney for Joanna Laiscell. “Had it not been for the courageous testimony of a junior member of staff, we would never have known the full extent of the discriminatory evidence in this case. Ms Laiscell welcomes the chance to set the record straight, and looks forward to restoring her reputation within her field.”

Ms. Laiscell’s case against the Hartford Board of Education remains ongoing.

U.S. District Court
District of Connecticut (New Haven)
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 3:20-cv-01463-VLB

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