Quantum Brilliance enters Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) market through partnership with Beyond.pl in Poland

The rack-mountable Quantum Development Kit (QDK) from Quantum Brilliance

The next huge step in digitalization is the proper adoption of quantum computing, and one of the leaders in the market is Quantum Brilliance with their solutions.”
— Wojciech Stramski, CEO of Beyond.pl
POZNAN, POLAND, May 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Quantum Brilliance, the leading developer of room-temperature miniaturised quantum computing products and solutions, is entering the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) market through a cooperation agreement with Beyond.pl, a secure data center, cloud and Managed Services provider based in Poznan, Poland. The cooperation will focus on the acceleration of market adoption of quantum computing technology and solutions in CEE.

For over 15 years Beyond.pl has served as a solution-agnostic provider supporting customers with a wide range of services focusing on the provision of and maintenance of IT infrastructure, including colocation, cloud (public, private, multi-cloud), and managed services (among others, BaaS, DR, NaaS, IT Administration).

Quantum competencies are on the rise in Poznan which is a prime city for the growth of the quantum industry in CEE. Last year, the European Union selected Poznan to place one of Europe's first quantum computers as part of a €100 million EuroHPC (European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking) initiative. In 2022, PSNC (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center) and UAM (Adam Mickiewicz University) in Poznan, the capital city of the Greater Poland region, joined the IBM Quantum Network, creating the CEE’s first IBM Quantum Hub and opening doors for Polish scientists via the cloud.

In January 2023, Beyond.pl, UAM and the Kostrzyn-Slubice Special Economic Zone, among others under the auspices of Polish Ministry of Development and Technology, signed an agreement on cooperation for innovation, which supports the newly established Quantum Computing faculty in UAM in Poznan which is launching its curriculum program in October 2023.

Quantum Brilliance and Beyond.pl’s collaboration will further reposition the city of Poznan in the field of quantum.

Poznan, strategically located halfway between Warsaw and Berlin, is one of the largest cities in Poland with a reputation as an essential academic, business, and market center. According to statistical data, one in every five residents of Poznan is a student, 14,000 people attend IT/ICT courses, and 3,300 graduate every year. There are over 123,000 businesses in the city, and the number of companies with foreign sources of capital is one of the largest in all of Poland. Most of these companies come from Germany, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the USA. The capital city of the Greater Poland region is one of the leading national hubs for foreign investment. It is recognized as “the most dynamically developing city in Poland,” according to CEE Business Services Summit & Awards 2021 and was awarded the “Business Friendly City of the Year” in terms of local government support, according to the Future of Emerging Europe Summit and Awards 2022.

“Quantum computers are game changers as they will allow us to process large volumes of data faster and more efficiently than currently possible. They will become the basis for many future breakthroughs," said Wojciech Stramski, CEO of Beyond.pl. “Companies that want to retain market leader positions, or those that have ambitions to become market leaders, should start planning now how to implement and integrate quantum computing into their digital transformation roadmap.”

“As a data center and cloud service provider with a solution-agnostic approach, we have always been very close to all new technologies, and for over 15 years we have provided support to customers looking to build and maintain their competitive advantage by adopting the latest solutions,” Stramski said. “The next huge step in digitalization is the proper adoption of quantum computing, and one of the leaders in the market is Quantum Brilliance with their solutions. Very soon, quantum technology will become the new norm, playing a key role in the overall hybrid IT ecosystem. We are very happy to be well-positioned in Poznan, which will be one of the key cities in Europe where quantum technology will be built.”

Beyond.pl is the owner and operator of a data center campus with a target capacity of 42 MW. Data Center 2 is the only facility in the EU with the highest level of security confirmed by two independent bodies: ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certification and EN 50600 Class 4 standard. The company’s operations are also distinguished by a very conscious approach to sustainability, including the use of 100% green energy to power its data centers and supported by a very high energy efficiency (Power Usage Effectiveness at 1.2), which translates into significantly lower energy consumption parameters for customers using Beyond.pl’s services. As Beyond.pl facilities are strategically located in the center of Europe and Poland, the company can provide optimal latency to key hubs such as 11 ms to Frankfurt, 4 ms to Berlin or 7ms to Prague round way.

The company has been carrier neutral from the beginning of its operations - it cooperates with Tier 1 operators, regional companies, and local players and provides access to main European traffic Internet exchange points such as DE-CIX in Frankfurt, BCIX in Berlin, Peering.cz in Prague or Polish EPIX and 360+ cloud and SaaS platforms and 760+ data centers around the world via Megaport network services. The company is involved in partnerships with global vendors such as Intel, HPE, Dell Technologies, VMware, Microsoft, Veeam and others. The company was recently recognized as HPE Service Provider of the Year 2022 Award for Central Europe, Russia, Turkey and Africa region and is one of the largest VMware solution providers in the Polish market.

“We are rapidly expanding our global partnerships in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, working with governments, supercomputing centres, research organisations and industry to implement quantum solutions,” said Mark Luo, CEO of Quantum Brilliance. “We see Beyond.pl as a high-value partner for the company’s plans in Poland and beyond throughout CEE.”

“One of the added values from our partnership for the CEE R&D ecosystem is the provision of access to modern IT solutions, which will result in the ability for the region to build an increased competitive advantage in the international arena,” said Dr. Mark Mattingley-Scott, Chief Revenue Officer, Quantum Brilliance. “Both companies believe quantum computers provide a tangible path to business use cases. Our systems will enable quantum computing to be an efficient tool to solve problems across sectors in the region.”

About Quantum Brilliance: Founded in 2019, Quantum Brilliance is a venture-backed quantum products and solutions company developing diamond quantum computers supported by software and applications. Quantum Brilliance’s goal is to enable mass deployment of its quantum technology to propel industries to harness edge computing applications and next-generation supercomputers. Quantum Brilliance has global partnerships in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, working with governments, supercomputing centres, research organisations and industry. To learn more about Quantum Brilliance, visit www.quantumbrilliance.com

About Beyond.pl: A leader in secure data center, cloud and Managed Services in Poland and Central Europe, operating in the market since 2005. Beyond.pl manages one of the most secure data centers in the European Union, which is also the most energy-efficient facility of its type in Poland and the region (PUE 1.2), powered entirely by renewable energy.

Beyond.pl is the only provider of IT infrastructure services in the Central and Eastern European market that offers a range of data center security levels, from Rated 3+ to 4. The company provides a comprehensive cloud offering based on private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid solutions, expert support as part of managed services, and service availability of up to 99.9999%. Beyond.pl’s core and edge data centers with a target capacity of 42 MW are located Poznan. They are the first green and carrier-neutral data centers in Poland. The Data Center 2, strategically located halfway between Warsaw and Berlin, is the only data center in the European Union that meets the stringent requirements of ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 and EN 50600 Class 4 certification. The certifications confirm the highest data center security standards in the areas of design, mechanics, power supply and telecommunications. You can find more details at http://www.beyond.pl/en/

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