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LiquidSpace and Kadence Team Up to Revolutionize Hybrid Work

Kadence LiquidSpace Partnership Announcement

LiquidSpace and Kadence Team Up to Revolutionize Hybrid Work

The game-changing partnership between Kadence and LiquidSpace provides access to a global network of flexible workspaces and internal offices in one platform.

The future of work is hybrid. We are thrilled to partner with Kadence to extend and enhance the hybrid experience for their customers, by giving access to thousands of great spaces.”
— Mark Gilbreath
SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2023/ -- LiquidSpace, the largest global on-demand office marketplace and hybrid workplace management platform for enterprises, and Kadence, the leading hybrid workplace software platform, have teamed up to redefine the way we work. This game-changing partnership provides employees with access to a global network of flexible workspaces and their internal offices, seamlessly, in one platform.

With the LiquidSpace x Kadence integration, companies and their employees will be able to:
- Instantly book on-demand desks, meeting rooms and offices at coworking spaces and flexible office providers around the world
- Deepen engagement by enabling teams to coordinate and meet up in person, at the office, or in coworking spaces
- Reduce cost per employee by optimizing the mix of traditional and on-demand real estate spend

“The future of work is hybrid, but for individual employees, it takes many forms. Working near home on days when home just doesn’t work. Huddling with colleagues to ideate and get sh*t done. Travelling to HQ to bond, celebrate wins, and the company mission. We are thrilled to partner with Kadence to extend and enhance the hybrid experience for their customers, by giving their employees access to thousands of great spaces around the globe.” - Mark Gilbreath, CEO & Founder, LiquidSpace.

LiquidSpace gives companies the power to unlock a global ecosystem of on-demand spaces without losing control.

Employees enjoy the freedom to work from where it works, whether that’s a quiet space to concentrate near home, or a convenient space to gather and collaborate with colleagues. With supply partners across the globe, including large brands and smaller independent spaces across central business districts and closer to home. Enterprise workplace and HR leaders can tap real-time data insights to inform workplace strategy, set budgets and configure permissions.

Kadence’s smart hybrid solution is designed to help companies slash real-estate costs with flexible desk and conference room booking software. The platform also keeps you in the loop with office traffic and notifies teammates of schedule changes.

This partnership offers a comprehensive solution for ‘officeless’ companies seeking a high level of agility to coordinate employee schedules while accessing thousands of flexible spaces, empowering teams with true flexibility to work together anytime, anywhere. In addition, companies that already have their own offices can now offer their employees access to thousands of office locations beyond their own four walls.

“The future of work is one where people have the agency to choose where and how they work so they can be the most productive in what they deliver. This means work can happen anywhere, and with the right people. The challenge then comes down to coordination - the coordination of schedules, spaces and experiences. This partnership will be an absolute game changer to empower our teams with the autonomy and flexibility to choose how, when and where they work to be their most successful; as well as provide our business with a unified experience across our leased and flex portfolio."
- Jeff Gwinnett, Senior Director, Workplace Experience & Sustainability, Softchoice

Employees can now effortlessly search, find, and book on-demand spaces wherever they are. Additionally, they can view their team's activities, star their go-to colleagues for regular meetups to follow their weekly schedules, and receive notifications when they've booked a space - whether in the office or at a coworking space.

“In the past people were predictable, and spaces were static. Now, spaces are flexible, and people are unpredictable. That’s why we created the hybrid operating system that helps people be intentional with how they get their work done, and navigate all the complexities of hybrid.” - Dan Bladen, CEO & Co-Founder, Kadence.

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About LiquidSpace
LiquidSpace is an on-demand flexible office space marketplace and hybrid workplace management platform rolled into one. It provides companies with the only all-in-one enterprise-grade solution for managing their hybrid and distributed workplace needs.

LiquidSpace helps companies seeking to reorient their thinking about work and the workplace, starting with consideration of their employees. Simply put, we’re in the happy people business. We’re enabling people to work in better, more productive
spaces, which supports a healthier planet.

Our global marketplace of flexible office space combined with our workplace management platform provides companies with an end-to-end, enterprise-grade Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to manage remote or distributed workplace strategies all in one place.

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About Kadence
Kadence is a full suite of easy-to-use hybrid working software designed to improve the coordination of people, space and time to help your teams work smarter. We are building the next-generation operating system for hybrid working, designed to unleash the potential of people, powering a more positive way of working.
Kadence helps global companies foster collaboration, flexibility, and in-person support. It provides cost savings for companies looking to cut back on their own office space, as well as the opportunity for employees to be productive when they need, and with whom they need, in the spaces they need all within one single place.
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