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Amazon Influencer Brand Dragon Blogger Hits Industry Milestone

Amazon A-List Status

Amazon A-List Status

DragonBlogger Amazon Influencer Store

DragonBlogger Amazon Influencer Store

DragonBlogger Influencer Brand works with hundreds of sellers and brands to help showcase products and informs shoppers about products before they choose to buy

I have read your blog review and you wrote it pretty cool! Awesome! You made me paste a smile while reading your experience from start to end :D Thank you so much!”
— Solid Cordz
CARLSBAD, CA, USA, May 6, 2023/ -- Thanks to the growth of the Amazon Influencer platform combined with being a multi-channel influencer brand, DragonBlogger hit a milestone of averaging more than a million dollars per month in retail brand sales in both 2022 and leading into Q1 2023, with a total exceeding over $13 million in sales for partnered brands/sellers and advertisers who partnered with the agency. This comes off the heels of also being an A-List status Amazon Live Stream account, while also rewarding their community with monthly giveaways of prizes that can include Nintendo and Sony PlayStation gaming consoles, Gaming Monitors and more.

With a team of hosts that cover various topics, Dragon Blogger hand picks Subject Matter Experts (SME)’s and KOL’s in various product categories so that the influencers and content creators aren’t just showcasing a product but taking the time to make sure the product is fully tested, and can explain details to help inform shoppers on making a decision whether the product is right for them. DragonBlogger is a prime example of a successful micro-influencer brand that delivers high value offering a better ROI than some bigger name influencers with an above average Click Through Rate and Higher Sales than most for an influencer brand that has a reach of under 100,000 followers on their social media accounts.

About Justin Germino:

Justin Germino has worked in the Information Security and Technology field since 1999, and has been an entrepreneur and influencer since 2008. He is the founder of several websites/blogs and built the DragonBlogger Influencer brand over the past 14 years. The brand has seen extremely rapid growth in great part due to the Amazon Influencer and Live streaming platforms skyrocketing sales for brands which crossed over 13 million dollars in retail sales in 2022.

About DragonBlogger Tech and Entertainment:

Dragon Blogger Tech and Entertainment was founded in August 2008 and is an influencer brand made up of a team of tech reviewers/enthusiasts and gaming content creators. With several online channels including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch the newest addition is the Amazon Influencer Store where the team hosts Amazon Live streams. Dragon Blogger has worked with over 900+ brands and sellers and covers more than 2000+ products per year, focusing on first look experiences, unboxings, reviews and more.

You can visit the DragonBlogger Amazon Influencer store and see the more than 7500+ content pieces that were published so far, as well as visit and view live streams.

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