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Customer experience matters

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90 percent of consumers are less likely to buy from a brand again after a poor online shopping experience

Körber’s 2023 State of Shipping and Returns Survey reveals that 70 percent of consumers have experienced a delayed online order in the last six months

HAMBURG, GERMANY, May 1, 2023/ -- Consumer behavior, preferences and expectations continue to challenge manufacturers, retailers and 3PLs alike. Körber‘s 2023 State of Shipping and Returns survey finds that 90% of respondents are less likely to buy from a brand again after a poor online shopping experience, while 29% say they are increasingly willing to share a negative review online. These are among the central findings from online shoppers in 2023.

The recent survey gathered insights from 2,200 consumers across eight global regions on their post-purchase experience between the moment they click the “buy” button and when the product reaches their doorstep. A significant number of consumers (70%) experienced shipping delays without any reason provided for the delay (35%). With consumers looking for speed and convenience as the deciding factors when they purchase online, these delays drive customer dissatisfaction and affect brand decisions.

“Customer expectations have only grown more complicated post-COVID,” explained Chad Collins, CEO Software at Körber Business Area Supply Chain. “Körber’s latest research reveals that a good shopping experience can make a loyal customer for life. On the contrary, a poor experience can leave a wake of destruction. The importance of a frictionless customer experience cannot be emphasized enough. Brands need seamlessly integrated technologies to overcome these challenges and ensure that consumer expectations are met.”

One area of opportunity for businesses is enhancing shipping visibility and accountability to help avoid unexpected delays. And when delays invariably occur, have a plan in place for customer communication to update expectations and provide potential appeasement to create customer loyalty. 38% of consumers were not offered any compensation, refund or discounts on their recent delayed order, yet 83% indicated that is important to them.

Körber’s 2023 State of Shipping and Returns Survey looked at changing consumer expectations and what drives customer satisfaction. In February 2023, Körber polled 2,200 consumers across the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Germany, France and the UK. You can access the full report here:

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