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San Francisco Conservation Corps selects Zabble’s AI Technology to track contamination for Zero Waste Facilitation

San Francisco Conservation Corps & Zabble partner to empower its Corpmembers with AI technology to track contamination for compliance towards city's ordinances.

We are huge fans of the platform as it helps create a career path for our corpsmembers and serves a societal need simultaneously”
— Kip Bowmar, Director of Planning and Evaluation for SFCC

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 28, 2023/ -- Zabble, a leader in zero waste intelligence for sustainable campuses, has been chosen by the San Francisco Conservation Corps (SFCC) to support its recycling teams at event venues to track refuse generation and contamination and provide insights for targeted outreach and recommendations to their clients to save on costs and fines.

Both Zabble and SFCC are Zero Waste Facilitators per the San Francisco Department of the Environment to help large refuse generators in San Francisco to maintain compliance with the City’s Refuse Separation Compliance Law. The SFCC onsite crew assists both commercial and residential properties with material recovery by providing education and feedback to tenants and staff to improve participation, improving collection efficiency, and reducing contamination in composting or recycling by conducting back-of-house sorting of materials.

SFCC staff provides event sorting and consulting services including tracking contamination in every stream at every event to communicate issues with stakeholders responsible for managing the event’s collection schedules, service-levels and issues. The Zabble Zero™ platform is now used by the supervisor and corpsmembers to regularly send reports to their clients on how much refuse is being collected, sorted and hauled including contamination levels and specific contaminants that are found. It is also being used to provide granular insights into daily service-levels and issues for efficient operations and data reporting by analyzing the reports and invoices shared by the hauler.

The Zabble Zero™ Platform, a zero waste management and workflow automation platform, is a revolutionary new way for organizations to manage their zero waste efforts. Its products are,
Mobile Tagging™ - a mobile app that uses computer vision AI to classify fullness and detect objects and engage stakeholders with real-time alerts accompanied by a web-based dashboard for granular insights.
Invoice Analytics™ - a web-based aggregator of invoices and reports, digitized using AI, notifying stakeholders of right-sizing opportunities and billing inconsistencies. Organizations can also track their generated and diverted waste, hauling costs, pickup frequencies and container inventory.

“We are very happy with our partnership with Zabble,” said Kip Bowmar, Director of Planning and Evaluation for SFCC. “We are a local nonprofit that focuses on career development and job training for youth aged 18-26. Among the key areas we work in are zero waste facilitation and recycling. Zabble has helped us greatly enhance our zero waste facilitation services by quickly and easily identifying contaminants in each waste stream. That information allows us to produce impactful reports for our clients. We are huge fans of the platform as it helps create a career path for our corpsmembers and serves a societal need simultaneously.”

Zabble’s CEO and Founder Nik Balachandran said “We are excited that SFCC selected our AI-powered technology platform Zabble Zero™ to continue to empower its corpmembers with the tools they need to help its clients achieve their zero waste goals. It was always about empowering people who deal with materials and waste every day with information that can enhance their duties and close the loop with waste reduction and diversion initiatives.“

About Zabble: Zabble helps organizations efficiently manage their zero waste programs by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to extract real-time actionable insights. Zabble’s clients, including leading educational institutions, hospitals, corporate campuses and multi-family property buildings. In 2022, Zabble’s clients have collectively tagged 3,600 distinct interior and exterior containers over 120,000 times to prevent more than 201 tons of materials from ending up at landfills. Zabble was recognized as one of the top 5 AI startups advancing the circular economy by Startus Insights and is a current recipient of multiple EPA contract awards to advance and commercialize its AI technology to boost recycling rates in the US.

About SFCC: The SFCC has coordinated and managed event recycling for more than fifteen years and offers efficient, customer-friendly services to ensure that the event leaves the smallest footprint possible. SFCC recycling crews are Corpsmembers – hard working young adults getting job training. They collect and sort recycling, and offer advice on how to recycle more of the refuse, more efficiently. Just in the past year, SFCC has diverted over 212 tons of recyclables from landfills, helping San Francisco work towards the city's goal to be the greenest city in the nation.

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