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NetSecOPEN Announces Publication of IETF RFC 9411


New RFC replaces RFC 3511, Benchmarking Methodology for Firewall Performance

HARRISBURG, PA, USA, May 1, 2023/ -- NetSecOPEN, an industry-leading consortium focused on network security, is excited to announce the publication of Request for Comments (RFC) 9411 - Benchmarking Methodology for Network Security Device Performance ( Authored by distinguished members of NetSecOPEN, this pivotal document provides comprehensive benchmarking terminology and methodology for next-generation network security devices, including next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) and next-generation intrusion prevention systems (NGIPSs).

RFC 9411 addresses critical aspects such as test terminology, test configuration parameters, and benchmarking methodology for modern NGFWs and NGIPSs, improving the applicability, reproducibility, and transparency of benchmarks. The document supersedes RFC 3511, aligning the test methodology with the increasingly complex layer 7 security-centric network application use cases.

Ryan Liles, a network security product vendor and contributor to RFC 9411, stated, "The new benchmarking methodology and terminology outlined in RFC 9411 represent a significant step forward in evaluating the performance and efficacy of next-generation network security devices. This will better enable organizations to make informed decisions when choosing the best solutions for their security infrastructure."

Carsten Rossenhoevel, a test lab representative, shared, "RFC 9411 provides a standardized approach that allows us to deliver accurate, consistent, and repeatable test results. This empowers customers with a reliable way to assess and compare various security solutions, helping them make the right investments for their unique needs."

Amritam Putatunda, a test tool vendor, added, "The collaborative effort in developing RFC 9411 has produced a robust and comprehensive framework, facilitating the development of more advanced test tools. These tools will ensure that network security devices can be evaluated against real-world, sophisticated threats, reflecting the rapidly evolving threat landscape."

The publication of RFC 9411 marks a significant milestone in advancing network security benchmarking and reflects NetSecOPEN's commitment to fostering transparency, collaboration, and innovation in the network security industry.

About NetSecOPEN
NetSecOPEN is a global consortium of network security vendors, test labs, and test tool vendors dedicated to creating and promoting open, transparent, and reproducible testing methodologies for network security products. NetSecOPEN's mission is to drive the adoption of industry-standard methodologies that enable accurate and unbiased evaluations of network security devices, helping organizations make well-informed security investment decisions.

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