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EARTH DAY 2023: Americans Concerned on Ecological Quality; State Wastes Insufficiently Recycled; Litter Harms Rising

Most US States Dont Support Recycling, yet Rising Human/Land Harms by unabated Solid Waste

Americans are troubled on states not safeguarding environment quality. Regimes not sufficiently recycling wastes.... Deaths from littering continue, unchecked.

...Littering and dumping deaths....KILL on average three Americans a day and can occur anytime, under all types of weather,”
— STEVE SPACEK, Director, American State Litter Scorecard
WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, April 21, 2023/ -- Pollution from waste littering and dumping incidents continues to harm America’s public landscapes-- and the public themselves. But most US States do not decree solid waste recycling. Americans celebrating the 53rd Earth Day on Saturday stay concerned about governments safeguarding environment quality, according to Steve Spacek, Director, American State Litter Scorecard and Washington D.C.-- based public sector performance analyst.

Only 12 state governments see solid waste recycling mandated for their Counties, Townships, Communities and Special Districts, said Spacek. “California’s currently the largest populated entity involved in true statewide waste recycling, collecting and processing materials—not haphazardly throwing wastes away. On the other hand, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Nevada and 33 others do not urge statewide collections and waste transformations. I’m aware of an US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) report that announced most regimes are recycling less than 50 percent of their obtained solid wastes per year, and are also not sufficiently investing in proactive recycling technologies.”

Unabated, unprocessed solid wastes are capable of breeding and transmitting Covid and other deadly viruses, notes Spacek. His “Do Mess with It” academic report documented the harms of solid wastes—of livestock injured by stepping on or eating metallic litter and glass. Of fish and birds dying after consuming cigarette filters mistaken for edible food.

Spacek’s Scorecard website provides regularly updated littering and dumping death data from pedestrian/motorist attributed “incidents” using respected State Police and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sources. “These life-ending incidents kill on average three Americans a day and can occur anytime, under all types of weather,” he said.

Spacek said decades of Gallup Poll findings show a majority of Americans continue to have a “great deal of concern” about pollutants lingering upon landed areas managed by states and localities. “Since the first Earth Day, most believe the public sector has not worked hard enough to protect the environment,” he said. “Unfortunately, too many leading state officials are not listening to the voters. Public leaders appear to often not respect, often not act upon preservation and protection of precious natural resources. They need to work harder to make significant reductions in the amount of wastes generated and abated from public spaces. They need to send a message: Send a lot less to landfills, put more into establishing sorely-needed processing-transformation jobs and Pro-Green, Pro-Earth technological apparatuses."

American State Litter Scorecard
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