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Full Terminator Prequel Spec Script Released to the Media by Award Winning Filmmaker

Terminator Endoskeleton

Award Winning writer/director Dominique Adams wrote a PREQUEL on Spec, for what he considers to be THE perfect reboot storyline and is releasing to the media.

I think people are tired of watching the same story again, which is why I shuffled all the elements around to tell an entire NEW story, but whilst keeping the same characters that we all love.”
— Dominique Adams

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, April 19, 2023/ -- Immediately after the 2019 “Terminator Dark Fate”, as a 30 + years fan of the franchise and as a writer/director and owner of the Montreal’s based boutique production company (TS1 Productions) Adams wrote a PREQUEL to the franchise titled: 'TERMINATORS, for what he considers to be THE perfect reboot storyline.

“I think David Ellison is as passionate as I am about the franchise. He and the great people over at Skydance Media have been trying so hard to revive it since the right’s acquisition in 2013.

For that last instalment, I was disappointed to such level that as soon as I returned home from the theatre, I started writing with THE story that I would want to see.” Says Adams who puts the blame on the director Tim Miller.

“Miller and I do not see eye-to-eye AT ALL with the Terminator vision. The Terminator is an INFILTRATION AI designed to get close to its target and terminate it. It is NOT an invincible senseless killer robot with spikes sticking out of it. If he is invincible, why bother covering its body with human skin?” Says Adams with frustration.

Far from Hollywood:
Without an agent, contacts or any representation whatsoever, after getting it copyrighted with the US Library of Congress, Adams sent it to screenwriting competitions.

“I wanted to prove that the script is worthy, so I sent it to screenwriting competitions. In 2020 and 2021 it became Official Selection and FINALIST in both, the NYC HORROR FILM FESTIVAL” and the AUSTIN AFTER DARK FILM FESTIVAL in competition for BEST SCREENPLAY.

To prove its quality furthermore, I sent it to THE BLACK LIST for an industry evaluation and got a 7 rating (for anyone who is familiar, we rarely see a 9 or a 10).” Says Adams.

Releasing it publicly:
After more than 4 years of contacting the producers at Skydance and Lightstorm Entertainment, the French Canadian writer/director decides to release it in its entirety.

“In an industry where A-List producers get inundated with screenplays and the claims of intellectual property theft, I totally understand why they are reluctant to read new material, which is why I am releasing it publicly.” Says Adams.

Starting from scratch:
“Like the original movie, I wrote my story focusing on ACTION scenes, CHARACTERS and DIALOGUES so it could be done for about 30 MIL or so. With a smaller budget, the last film would have turned a profit of over 150 MIL + or - (instead of losing 122 MIL + or -).

I think people are tired of watching the same story again, which is why I shuffled all the elements around to tell an entire NEW story, but whilst keeping the same characters that we all love.

Backstory with T2:
Adams has been a movie fan since he was a child. He started writing screenplays on a typewriter at age 13, but he was also involved in Martial Arts from age 7.

After years of winning karate competitions, Adams was selected to represent Canada at the W.A.K.O World Karate Championships. In November 1993, Adams won the Gold Medal for Canada in the category “Musical Form” (which is a martial arts performance to a music in front of judges. The highest score wins.).

Adams’ chosen music was the soundtrack of Terminator 2. After coming back with his Gold Medal, Adams was hired to perform in arenas, club and PPV Kickboxing events with his routine, which included sunglasses a shotgun as props for the non-official exhibitions.

This furthermore points out Adam’s life-long passion and connection with the franchise.

“This was right at the height of T2’s Box-Office success. I would walk onstage with the leather coat, the gun and the sunglasses and the crowd would go nuts. If I was the producers and could hired a team of writers who are seeking a pay check, or the filmmaker who spent the last 4 years obsessing over the movie… it would be an easy decision. Of couse… AS LONG as the material is AMAZING, which is why I am sharing it with the world. I want the material to speak for itself.” Concludes Adams.

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Adams' 1993 T2 Karate Routine Reel