Microsoft Teams adds Telnyx as a provider for Operator Connect, simplifying high-quality PSTN calling for businesses

Telnyx is certified for Operator Connect

Telnyx is certified for Operator Connect

The deep integration between Telnyx and Microsoft Teams enables admins to easily add Telnyx as a provider for secure, cost-effective communications.

The addition of Telnyx as a certified Operator Connect provider is exciting as we strive to expand our voice service to businesses who connect and collaborate on a global scale through Microsoft Teams”
— David Casem
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2023/ -- Telnyx, a leading global connectivity platform, today announced it has been added to the Microsoft Teams Operator Connect directory. Microsoft Teams customers can now select Telnyx as a telephony partner within the Microsoft Teams admin portal.

Telnyx offers businesses a secure way to connect and scale their global calling capabilities. With their addition to the Operator Connect directory, Telnyx streamlines the setup process for Microsoft Teams admins. Without any code, admins can easily integrate Telnyx's high-quality, secure private network and extensive global connectivity with their existing Microsoft Teams infrastructure.

As the number of Microsoft Teams active users continues to grow, businesses require reliable, high-quality communications tools to stay connected with their global teams. Operator Connect simplifies the integration of third-party telephony services, allowing businesses to streamline their communication solutions. With Telnyx now part of the Operator Connect ecosystem, organizations can leverage the platform's ease of setup, exceptional call quality, and global scale.

“The addition of Telnyx as a certified Operator Connect provider is exciting as we strive to expand our voice service to businesses who connect and collaborate on a global scale through Microsoft Teams. With Telnyx, businesses can easily set up and manage their telephony in Teams to help boost productivity and consolidate calling services,” explains David Casem, co-founder and CEO at Telnyx. “In today’s economic environment, businesses are looking to find cost-effective ways to increase their productivity while maintaining high quality and reliability. Telnyx offers the global coverage, flexible pricing, robust tools, and 24/7 support businesses need to execute their BYOC strategy.”

Key benefits of the Microsoft Teams and Telnyx Operator Connect integration include:

Easy setup: Microsoft admins can quickly and easily configure and manage Telnyx as their telephony provider directly within the Microsoft Teams admin portal, eliminating the need for complex configurations or additional hardware.

Cost savings: By leveraging Telnyx's competitive pricing, businesses can optimize communications costs and better allocate resources to other mission-critical initiatives.

Secure private network: Telnyx's private global IP network ensures end-to-end security and superior call quality, so businesses can trust the reliability of their communications.

Global Connectivity: With PSTN replacement in over 30 countries and local numbers in over 140 markets, Telnyx provides businesses with unparalleled global reach, enabling seamless collaboration among teams spread across the world.

The Telnyx Mission Control Portal also offers powerful tools for customers to manage their connectivity, including the ability to:
- Port numbers in just a few days
- Search, provision, and connect numbers to Microsoft Team in minutes
- Debug communications with free troubleshooting tools.

To select Telnyx as a provider in Teams, admins can simply navigate to the Operator Connect menu in the Microsoft admin portal and choose Telnyx. Admins will be prompted to log in or create a Telnyx Mission Control Portal to add calling bundles and phone numbers. These numbers can be assigned to Microsoft Teams users with a Microsoft Phone license, and users can start making and receiving calls to and from the PSTN.

Learn more about choosing Telnyx as your provider for Microsoft Teams with Operator Connect.

About Telnyx
Telnyx is a global connectivity platform that provides carrier-grade services on a private, cloud-agnostic IP network. Its Voice, Messaging, Numbering, Wireless, Fax, and Identity solutions are accessible through RESTful APIs and its award-winning Mission Control Portal. From in-app messaging and calling to feature-rich contact centers, Telnyx solves communications needs at every complexity level, with 24/7 in-house engineering support on hand. As an internationally licensed carrier, Telnyx powers secure, high-fidelity connectivity while democratizing worldwide access to real-time communications over the internet.

Founded in 2009 with offices in Chicago, Dublin, Amsterdam and Warsaw, Telnyx provides mission-critical services for customers including Cisco, Philips, Red Cross, and more.

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