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ShareSafe Partners with Sustainable Alabama to Facilitate Legalized Cannabis Treatment Protocols

The state of Alabama has legalized medical cannabis products. ShareSafe offers ideal solutions for managing clinical care using these new medicines.

MOBILE, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2023/ -- ShareSafe has developed proprietary software, ShareView®, that allows users to connect their smartphones to their television screens and use these tools to learn about their treatment, discuss their condition with their physician, and even peruse their medical health record.

“Imagine, if you will, seeing your television screen divided into quadrants. In one of them, you are conversing with your physician in real-time. In another, you are looking at your latest lab results. In yet another, your doctor is using content developed by ShareSafe to educate you in terms of how your treatment addresses the medical issue you’re dealing with.” Explains ShareSafe CEO, Robert Hanson, “This is the sort of connectivity and content ShareSafe provides. There’s really nothing like it in the global marketplace.”

Sustainable Alabama, a contender for one of five licenses to grow and distribute cannabis medical products in the state of Alabama, sees ShareSafe’s solution as the perfect tool for helping patients – particularly those in rural communities – learn about cannabis-derived medical treatments directly from their physicians.

“Here in Alabama, legalized cannabis is opening up a range of treatment options. But, for many of our residents, this is new territory, and it comes with baggage, cannabis having been illegal for so long.” Explains Dr. John Jernigan, a Sustainable Alabama shareholder, who, in addition to having opened Mulberry Medical Associates in Montgomery nearly 40 years ago, also served on the board of the Auburn University Foundation and is a former Vice President of the Alabama State Medical Association. “Many of our residents also live in sparsely populated areas with limited access to medical care. These are people who may have to drive a long way just to see a physician. The connectivity and content provided by ShareSafe allow us to bridge this access divide.”

About ShareSafe
ShareSafe is a healthtech media company that merges secure mobile platforms with TV displays and media solutions to improve patient outcomes and clinical workforce stability while reducing costs. ShareSafe enhances the human experience by blending custom and curated content with technology solutions to better educate clinical teams and improve the patient wellness journey from hospital to home.

About Sustainable Alabama
Sustainable Alabama is seeking a license to grow and distribute medical cannabis products in Alabama. Bringing together a team of physicians, experienced horticulturists, distribution experts, pharmacists and researchers, SA takes its lead from the physicians’ creed: First, do no harm. Its goals are to elevate Alabama; protect Alabamians by providing medically acknowledged and powerful new treatments; make Alabama the nation’s leading source for rigorous research, development, and innovation, and ensure medical cannabis solutions are delivered safely, responsibly, and only for medical use.


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