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Pet Success focuses on Positive Mental Health with Petting Sessions, Therapy and Service dogs every Thursday night

Pet Success offers the best training and continued lifelong care for all pets!

Pet Success’ Service Pets are trained to be gentle, loving, attentive and calm

Pet Success trains certified international service dogs at weekly classes! Our clients enjoy petting sessions every day & Pet Success dogs receive lots of love

Pet Success trained pets include dogs, cats, bunnies and ferrets

Pet Success provides on site service dogs to help clients with stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression & loss. Pet Success On site service dogs are loving &calm

Pet Success trains therapy dogs and service dogs every Thursday night and part of that training is going to hospitals, schools and retirement homes to bring joy, healing and peace with love & comfort”
— Allan Morgan

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 3, 2023/ -- Pet Success supports their clients, and communities with on site trained service dogs who are gentle, calm and loving. Petting sessions are twenty minutes per session with supervised private in store visits with trained Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs.

Pet Success’ twenty minute sessions are excellent for families deciding if their children or teens are ready for the responsibility and commitment of pets.

Pet Success Pet Ownership Preparation includes:

Small animal visits
Therapy dog and Service Dog visits
Volunteer dog visits and/or dog walks*
Guest speakers
Educational lessons
Animal-themed crafts
Animal-themed games
Water games and sprinkler activities
Quiet free-play time
And so much more!

All of our activities are geared towards promoting and supporting Positive Mental Health, safety and teaching children, teens and families about animal care, handling and welfare, and having joyful sessions. Clients and families may schedule at least three 20-minute animal interactions per week. We provide a fun, inclusive and safe learning environment for our campers, and one that is free of undue stress on the animals.

Pet Success excellence in client service, trying and products is a company promise. Pet Success will work tirelessly to make sure your pets and families are safe, loved, trained so you soar and success together. Pet Success continues to grow and excel with a Pets Success vision.

Allan Morgan
Pet Success
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