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SiteOwl's Revolutionary LIVE Planning Feature Transforms Physical Security Infrastructure Planning and Budgeting

SiteOwl's Live Planning Dashboard

SiteOwl's Live Planning Dashboard

SiteOwl - Security Lifecycle Managemnet

LIVE Planning tools enable end-users to streamline planning and budgeting of their physical security infrastructure.

SiteOwl's LIVE Planning feature offers a graphical view that allows them to access high-level information about their sites effortlessly, for optimal decision-making.”
— Joseph Ndesandjo, CEO
AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2023/ -- SiteOwl, the leading provider of physical security system lifecycle management solutions, has announced the release of its groundbreaking LIVE Planning feature. Driven by customer feedback and market demand, the LIVE Planning tool offers end-users a comprehensive suite of features to streamline the planning and budgeting of their physical security infrastructure and facility projects.
"Traditionally, end-users have relied on spreadsheets and outdated data sources for their planning process, leading to inefficiencies and potential vulnerabilities. SiteOwl's LIVE Planning feature offers a graphical view that allows them to access high-level information about their sites effortlessly, for optimal decision-making." said Joseph Ndesandjo, CEO of SiteOwl.

The innovative feature consists of three main tools: the Planning Dashboard, Aging and Warranty Report, and Inventory Report. Each tool offers a unique perspective on managing security infrastructure, enabling end-users to proactively manage their systems and reduce the risk of potential issues.

The Planning Dashboard provides end-users with a visual method of evaluating the current status of their live sites, streamlining the decision-making process. This highly-intuitive dashboard visually displays all critical lifecycle information, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets or outdated resources.
The Aging and Warranty Report offers valuable insights into the age and warranty status of parts, devices, and security systems within live sites, enabling end-users to make strategic decisions that ensure the ongoing effectiveness of their security infrastructure.
The Inventory Report provides a comprehensive understanding of the devices deployed across their security system, helping end-users reduce downtime and potential system failures while strengthening their security posture.

Physical Security Innovation Continues to Evolve
SiteOwl's LIVE Planning tool revolutionizes the way end-users manage their security infrastructure by offering a comprehensive suite of features that optimize security operations. With SiteOwl's LIVE Planning tool, end-users can make data-driven decisions, ensuring their security infrastructure's ongoing effectiveness and resilience.

SiteOwl is committed to innovation in the physical security industry and continues to evolve its solutions to meet the changing needs of enterprise security teams. The value of SiteOwl's LIVE Planning tool lies in its ability to enhance the functionality of security systems and improve the efficiency of resource allocation and planning.

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