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Ultimate Fan Pamela McGee Wilkinson Dedicates Books to World-Renowned Kazakh Singer Dimash Qudaibergen

Author writes fan books inspired by Dimash to celebrate the best voice ever

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2023 / -- Discovering a talent and springing from thereon is a blessing anyone can have. Whether harnessing a skillset to forge a career path or utilizing a creative outlet to express all the deep-seated emotions, a talent so beautiful flourishes through intent and inspiration.

Author Pamela McGee Wilkinson, for one, used her gift of writing when a teacher in her junior year of high school believed she could write. From an article singled out by her teacher among an entire class assigned to write a biography of a classmate, Pamela then started writing scores and scores of poems, skits,
roadshows, newsletters, lyrics for existing music, and newspaper articles. All of her writings come to life with the spark of inspiration—her favorite writing companion. Coupled with her intent to write over the years, Pamela still continues to write when inspiration calls.

A manifestation of Pamela’s stories fueled by inspiration is the impact of world-renowned Kazakh singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Dimash Qudaibergen best known for his extensive vocal range and ability to sing in more than fifteen languages. With a creative mind inspired by the music Dimash makes, Pamela authors “I AM MUSIC: My Journey with Dimash Kudaibergen: The Best Singer in the World: Second Edition.”

Pamela is a big Dear, the fandom of Dimash. She is one of millions of fans worldwide who take delight in the music and career of the singer/entertainer and hopes to celebrate his talents through her own. She spotlights Dimash in her book “I AM MUSIC,” a compilation of poems, skits, humorous musings, and
thoughtful expressions.

As Dimash continues to make his mark on the world, Pamela’s admiration for the phenomenal singer also grows fonder. Her inspiration and intent to write about Dimash continue to live on in her recent 2022 publication, “A Dimash Qudaibergen Fable: The Sculptor’s Masterpiece.” From her first fan book, Pamela
finds one poem that needs more attention, thus, embarking on another adventure in her sequel, going above and beyond with a fascinating fable starring Dimash.

“A Dimash Qudaibergen Fable: The Sculptor’s Masterpiece” is a four-part, one-hundred-ninety stanza poem that follows a sculptor who dreams of a tall, handsome, impeccably dressed man standing on a wooden platform in his studio. A dream so vivid and realistic that he leaps from his bed to greet him, but the man is not there. A voice in his head declares, “He’s not here because you haven’t sculpted him yet.” The sculptor proceeds with his creation with unused materials he strangely procured three years earlier. This is when his adventure with Dimash unfolds.

Treading a career path in publishing for her deep admiration for Dimash, Author Pamela McGee Wilkinson is still on the Dimash train. With this completed narrative poem and book, the author has penned a screenplay included in the Second Edition of “I AM MUSIC” and runs a website dedicated to Dimash. Get to know Pamela and Dimash’s influence in her life at, and grab a copy of her books available on Amazon and across other major online bookstore resellers.

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