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Bowersox Investment Group, Inc invited to speak on behalf of Hydraloop® at United Nations 2023 Water Conference

Bowersox Investment Group, Inc shares how the private sector can accelerate the adoption and implementation of decentralized greywater recycling systems.

Water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges we face in the 21st century. At Bowersox Investment Group, we're committed to tackling this issue head-on by adopting innovative water saving solutions”
— Ryan Bowersox
NEW YORK, NY, USA, March 24, 2023/ -- Bowersox Investment Group to Speak on Behalf of Hydraloop® at the 2023 UN Water Conference.

The global water crisis has been a major concern for the world, with millions of people lacking access to clean and safe drinking water. As a responsible real estate developer, Bowersox Investment Group, Inc has taken the initiative to incorporate sustainable technologies like Hydraloop® greywater recycling systems in their developments to combat the global water crisis.

Ryan Bowersox, CEO at Bowersox Investment Group, Inc has been invited to speak on behalf of Hydraloop® at the 2023 UN Water Conference. The conference will be held in New York City from March 22-24. Ryan Bowersox will be addressing the need for sustainable and innovative solutions to tackle the global water crisis.

Hydraloop® decentralized greywater recycling systems can save up to 45% on total in-house water consumption. The devices clean greywater from showers, baths, washing machines, and optionally hand basins and condensation water from tumble dryers, heat pumps, and air conditioning. The treated water can be used for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation, and topping up swimming pools. The reusable water is clean, safe, and disinfected, meeting the highest international standards, like the US NSF-350 and European EN16841. The systems can be installed in any residential real estate, future-proofing buildings, adding LEED and BREEAM certification points.

"Water is central to all United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and therefore saving water directly impacts all the SDGs. Our commitment is to provide innovative decarbonization solutions within an open-source collaboration. We are proud to be partnering with Hydraloop to address the global water crisis and revolutionize the housing industry through technology, passion, and integrity," said Ryan Bowersox.

Bowersox Investment Group, Inc signed a memorandum of understanding with Hydraloop® earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023. This strategic partnership has enabled Bowersox Investment Group, Inc to incorporate Hydraloop® technology into all of our sustainable communities nationwide.

Bowersox Investment Group, Inc and Hydraloop's commitment to sustainability and innovation are a shining example of how the private sector can contribute to addressing global challenges. We hope this partnership inspires others to follow suit and make sustainable water use a priority in their operations.

Nathaniel Zulkanycz
Bowersox Investment Group, INC
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