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Making the switch to e cigarettes and grabbing an E Cigarette Starter Kit?

10/13/2011 // Corona, CA, USA // ZEROCIG // ZEROCIG

Making the switch to e cigarettes and grabbing an E Cigarette Starter Kit?

Aside for the Obvious reasons to switch from Traditional Cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes and grab a e cigarette starter kit (thousands of chemicals, 2nd hand smoke, odor, tar, coughing, loss of energy…the list goes on), there is one reason many smokers over look!


Until now, the smoking alternatives have promised big things and have fallen short every time. Many smokers are making the switch and grabbing a high quality e cigarette starter kit!

Electronic cigarettes simply put are revolutionizing the tobacco industry. Millions of smokers have found out for them selves that there is FINALLY a true alternative…one that finally, came through as promised!

Electronic cigarettes produce vapor just as a traditional cigarette and DO deliver measured doses of nicotine that will crave any smoker’s habit.

What you might be surprised by is that you may actually ENJOY an e cigarette starter kit more then a traditional cigarette…. AND you should!

-No Tar

-No Odor

-No 2nd hand smoke

-No flame

-No ashes

MAKE THE SWITCH TODAY and learn more about a E Cigarette Starter Kit !

What makes smoking bad???…What is inside of them and the harm they do others around them! (Thousands of chemicals)

But NOT ANYMORE….Enter E Cigarette Starter Kit !

Smokers have become the constant target of advertising and pressure from public health advocates and companies selling quit smoking products. Smokers have been told that they are killing themselves and killing those around them and the only way to fix this is to stop smoking. And they have been told that the best way to quit smoking is to use an FDA approved Nicotine Replacement Therapy product or drug. Smokers have been told that they need to quit smoking or die.

No one, including and especially smokers, can deny the health implications of smoking tobacco. But even with this knowledge, many smokers still find it hard to give up their smoking habit. Many try the nicotine gum or patch or pill but inevitably go back to smoking tobacco. But why?

Many quit smoking products have nicotine and smokers have been told that nicotine is what they are addicted to. So why would anyone go back to smoking? It is quite possible that you are addicted to your habit. Smoking is more than just nicotine. It is the hand to mouth action. It is the inhaling and exhaling. It is “taking a break”.

If you have tried to quit smoking, but have failed, try changing your smoking habit.

-Instead of smoking a tobacco cigarette, puff on an electronic cigarette. It will allow you to continue the act of smoking without combustion.

-Instead of lighting up your cigarette, screw on your refill cartridge and enjoy.

-Instead of opening pack after pack of cigarettes, charge your battery.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the act of smoking, but not the smoke itself , try changing your habit with an e cigarette starter kit.

There are allot of choices out there, but we have done the home work for you.

Finding a E Cigarette that combines the best quality, newest technology and a solid brand you can trust is as simple as clicking below!

ZEROCIG provides a top quality E Cigarette Starter Kit and has customers worldwide!

They have also made it extremely affordable to switch to electronic cigarettes, with starter kits starting at $19.99!

Visit or Call 888.249.0668

ZEROCIG is the low cost leader and produces only the best E Cigarette Starter Kit !

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