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Marc Anthony Makes Appearance at Expo West to Celebrate Growth of Plant-Based Energy Drink, OCA

Marc Anthony, Co-Owner of Plant-Based Energy Drink OCA, Appears at Expo West

Marc Anthony Appears at Expo West

Marc Anthony, Co-Owner of Plant-Based Energy Drink OCA, Appears at Expo West with the OCA, Beliv and Magnus Media teams

Marc Anthony Appears with WeBelivMagnus Venture and Mariposa Group

OCA's Line of Plant-Based Energy Drinks

OCA's Line of Plant-Based Energy Drinks

Co-owner of OCA, the Grammy-Award-Winning artist energizes Expo West with his visit

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 16, 2023 / -- Marc Anthony, co-owner of OCA, a unique, plant-based energy drink straight from the Amazon, appeared at Expo West to celebrate the brand’s newest innovations.

Within 2 years, OCA has experienced rapid growth in the U.S. market, available at more than 5,000 points of sale in 45 states, including Whole Foods Markets and Kroger nationwide, Albertsons, Erewhon, AmPm, GoPuff, and CVS (available by June 2023).

Gaining traction by providing a long-lasting boost without the crash and burn of many energy drinks, OCA is powered by tapioca, an extract of the cassava root, and natural caffeine from green coffee.

OCA launched with 4 exotic flavors: mango, berry acai, prickly pear lime, and guava passionfruit—all organic, vegan, gluten-free and low sugar, created for today’s wellness-focused consumer seeking energy without side effects, artificial ingredients or sacrificing taste. Co-created with consumers and NSF certified, OCA debuted a Zero Sugar line in 3 new flavors in 2022: watermelon kiwi, dragon fruit, and pineapple grapefruit, satisfying increased demand for no-sugar functional beverages. At Expo West, OCA presented its latest innovation, OCA Extra Boost, in 2 exotic flavors Apple Pear and Cherry, for the first time.

“I have the pleasure to perform for millions of fans around the world, and each concert celebrates the energy and rhythm of Latin American culture. The reality is, to keep your momentum and energy throughout the day and night, sometimes you need an extra boost—and I'm proud to share this innovation with the world,” says Marc Anthony.

Inspired by how nature comes alive at night, OCA Extra Boost delivers natural plant-based energy including tapioca with an EXTRA boost from Yerba Mate.

“Highlighting the best-tasting, all-natural and functional ingredients that Latin America offers is a huge driver of beverage innovation at Beliv, and Yerba Mate has been enjoyed traditionally for centuries in South America as a natural source of energy. Today, it’s seeing a surge of interest in the U.S. market, so in partnership with Marc Anthony and Magnus Media, we invite consumers to Live Extra, Day and Night,” said Carlos Sluman, CEO of Beliv.

"OCA continues to disrupt the energy drinks market with all-natural and plant-based solutions rooted in authentic Latin American traditions,” said Felipe Pimiento, COO of Mangus Media.

Gabriela Ramirez, head of WeBelivMagnus Venture, also said, “In just 2 years we became a global brand with a footprint not only in the U.S. but also in Latin America and China; but we can proudly say that OCA is the fastest-growing brand in the natural channel in the U.S. In this short time, OCA won 3 different awards, including being named the best natural energy drink in the world. Good energy is contagious, and Expo West is the perfect platform to reach even more retailers and consumers, elevating our growth in the U.S.”

About Us

OCA is the result of a collaboration between Beliv (a leader in the global beverage industry with a portfolio of over 40 brands in 35 countries, led by Carlos Sluman), and Magnus Media, (the media venture of Grammy-Award-winning artist and Latin music sensation Marc Anthony). The companies joined forces to create new beverages that tap into the richness of Latin America and the passion of Latin people. OCA is one of the featured products of #WeBelivMagnus, a strategic partnership that combines the innovative approach of Beliv with Magnus' world-class roster of musicians and athletes who embrace their Latin culture, connecting fans across the globe.

For more information about OCA, visit:, Instagram, and Facebook.

About Beliv
Beliv, founded by Carlos Sluman, together with his partners at CBC Group, was born with the vision of leading the growth of beverages that make you feel good and with the mission of developing a new way to quench thirst, driven by wellness and inspired by nature. The company's values are innovation, talent, shared responsibility, integrity and a passion for breaking paradigms.

It began operations in 2009 (as Livsmart) with a portfolio of nectars, juices and functional and nutritious beverages. In 2010, through the "Petit" brand of nectars and juices, it expanded to Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. In 2015, it made a strategic alliance with Citric from Argentina to boost the development of its portfolio made of 100% natural premium juices. In 2017, LivSmart becomes Beliv, turning into the fastest growing multi-Latin beverage company in the region. In 2019, the company's strategy was restructured with a focus on innovation and incubation.

Beliv has a strong presence in the region and other continents, its products are sold in more than 24 countries and produced in 33 production plants in different countries. It has 10 high-level business partners.

Beliv is a business unit of the CBC Group, a multinational beverage corporation founded in 1885 with operations in Central America, the Caribbean and South America. It has the largest product portfolio in the region, with more than 690,000 points of sale and 1,350 distribution centers.

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Media Contact: Rosa Maria De Frade

About Magnus Media
Founded by Marc Anthony in April 2015, MAGNUS Media features operating units that include a celebrity management company, a music publisher, digital content studios, a sports division, a talent booking agency, a record label and an entertainment-focused marketing division to balance the power and potential of major Latin content creators in the U.S. and around the world.

MAGNUS Media represents a long list of artists and athletes including music superstar Marc Anthony, urban genre stars Gente de Zona, singer/songwriter Fonseca, pop duo Mau y Ricky, Cimafunk, Luis Figueroa, radio personality Enrique Santos, and over 60 professional baseball stars including major league pitcher and New York Yankees, Aroldis Chapman, and Toronto Blue Jays star, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., among others.

For more information about Marc Anthony and Magnus Media – Blanca Lasalle

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