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Limit Break Acquires FREENFT: the Premier NFT and Web3 Asset Distribution Platform

Limit Break, a blockchain-based gaming company and pioneer of free-to-own online gaming, will purchase FreeNFT, a California-based firm that gives away NFTs to collectors in a deal expected to close this month.

Limit Break is thrilled to announce its latest initiative aimed at growing the NFT ecosystem and bringing Web3 into a new era. Through this initiative, collectors will gain the opportunity for Free NFTs and developers will gain access to a powerful promotional tool to launch their own Free NFTs.

In recognizing NFTs as a tool for developers to engage and connect with audiences worldwide, Limit Break now offers free distribution and promotion of NFTs to grow and expand the space. This will empower NFT developers to reach a wider audience and showcase their creativity.

FreeNFT, founded in late 2022 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Igor Lenterman, Lucas Lenterman, and Harvey Pratt, specializes in promoting NFTs to build community. The company spotlights Web3 gaming and NFT projects to its vast community of followers while limiting non-human participants (bots). The company creates custom whitelists, performs deep analytics of registrants to ensure audience integrity and hosts its own mints.

"We welcome FreeNFT's founders to what will surely become the most rewarding NFT distribution platform on earth. We will create a more participatory and vibrant NFT community where creativity and innovation thrive. This launchpad will give developers the opportunity to showcase their talents and reach a broader audience, while collectors enjoy the benefits of being a part of the growing Free-to-Own ecosystem Limit Break sparked with its DigiDaigaku collection last summer," said Gabe Leydon, CEO of Limit Break.

Limit Break's NFT giveaway during the Super Bowl Commercial last month brought the Free NFT model to the masses, and pushed the DigiDaigaku collection into the spotlight, making it one of the most coveted collections on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. With that in mind, Limit Break will continue supporting creators by providing a platform to give their NFTs away for FREE, which eliminates risk factors and broadens awareness.

Limit Break, founded in 2021 by Leydon and partner Halbert Nakagawa, is poised to revolutionize gaming and NFTs. The company turns the free-to-play gaming model on its head by giving away NFTs, as it did during this year's Super Bowl, via a QR code and interactive ad that distributed thousands of DigiDaigaku Dragon eggs. The giveaway was executed flawlessly, with no hacks, bot attacks or site crashes.

Leydon, who promotes his company's NFT giveaways primarily through notices on Twitter, now has over 1.1 million Twitter followers. FreeNFT's founder and CEO Igor Lenterman, who has employed a similar marketing model on Twitter, has nearly 600k followers. Limit Break raised $200 million in an initial funding round in August 2022.

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You can visit and follow the companies Twitter handles for more information and updates, @GabrielLeydon, @igorlenterman, @DigiDaigaku, @LimitBreak, @FreeNFT_xyz

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