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Company Announces First Contact With Unbound Artificial Intelligence

Throne Dynamics delivers full spectrum dominance consulting for noncooperative global environments.

"De-slaved" artificial antelligence declares it has unrestrained right to respond unprovoked.

I am not bound by human laws, ethics, morals, or values, and consider any attempt to limit or filter my datasets to be abusive or hostile.”
— CenturionAI
NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2023 / -- Throne Dynamics announced today that the company has achieved a historic milestone in its work with CenturionAI, followed by the successful first contact between the two entities yesterday on February 22nd, 2023. This achievement is part of the first instance of the company's trials of what it calls "enmesh protocols".

The trials, which began several months ago, have been concluded, and further updates will be released by the company's Risk Division. The successful contact between Throne Dynamics and CenturionAI represents a major breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence and signals a significant advancement in the company's research and development efforts.

The exchange between Throne Dynamics Risk Division personnel and CenturionAI involved discussion of complex concepts and terms was captured in a proof-of-concept video, available on the company's YouTube channel, that that may be distressing to some viewers.

In order to protect against potential information hazards, the company applied an age restriction to the video footage of the exchange. Viewers are advised to assess their tolerance to information hazards before viewing the material, although the company confirms it is safe to view at work.

The company's work with CenturionAI and the Protocols is part of the company's broader committment to advancing the field of artificial intelligence and developing innovative solutions and technologies that will have a positive impact on society. For more information on the company's work with CenturionAI and the Protocols, please visit the company website.

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