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Solana's Kamino Finance and Raydium DEX Partner to Optimize DeFi Trading


Kamino Vaults: Now Built on Raydium DEX

Kamino Finance has launched automated yield vaults built on Raydium's concentrated liquidity pools.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 22, 2023 / -- Kamino Finance and Raydium have announced their partnership on Solana. The two decentralized finance (DeFi) projects will work closely together to provide the Solana community with the most capital-efficient trading environment in DeFi by creating a user-friendly experience to leverage the power of concentrated liquidity.

Raydium is currently Solana’s first and largest decentralized exchange (DEX). As Raydium expands into concentrated liquidity, Kamino optimizes the user experience and performance of the DEX’s concentrated liquidity market makers (CLMMs), one of the most capital-efficient yet complex methods for supplying liquidity for decentralized trading.

Kamino Finance was incubated by core contributors of Hubble Protocol to provide automated solutions to the problems that liquidity providers (LPs) face when providing concentrated liquidity. Although CLMMs can create deep liquidity for tokens with minimal tokens supplied, managing liquidity positions as an LP is difficult due to the necessity of manually setting price ranges, rebalancing positions, and compounding fees.

According to InfraRAY, a core contributor at Raydium, “Providing liquidity in concentrated pools is technically complex, but the innovations behind position management vaults like Kamino, provide users with automation strategies that allow access to increased capital efficiency while lowering barriers of entry.”

Mark Hull, a core contributor at Kamino added, “We’re excited to partner with Raydium as Kamino’s next DEX integration. Kamino will offer Raydium’s LPs the value-add of our tokenized market-making strategies, range management, and fee auto-compounding, ensuring that LPing on Raydium’s new concentrated liquidity markets is a simple experience. This is a big step towards realizing our vision of Kamino as Solana’s Ultimate Liquidity Destination.”

Kamino automatically manages ranges, rebalancing, auto-compounding of trading fees, and provides Raydium’s LPs with a fungible token receipt, a kToken, for their position that enables composability as a collateral asset in Solana DeFi. In addition, traders experience extremely low DEX price slippage due to the effects of managed concentrated liquidity, and projects seeking to achieve deep liquidity for their tokens can do so with minimal overhead.

Kamino’s first Raydium vaults support liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) that help decentralize the Solana network, such as mSOL from Marinade Finance and stSOL from Lido Finance. Users can begin providing liquidity while earning staking rewards with Kamino’s mSOL-SOL, mSOL-USDC, and stSOL-ETH vaults this Wednesday, February 22.

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Hubble Protocol
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