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Author Don Viecelli Introduces An Eye-Opening Sci-Fi Story That Exposes The Truth About Aliens

Alien Times - Book 1, Revelation

Sci-Fi Author

Extraterrestrials Are Here and Real Proof Exists!

Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.”
— Carl Sagan
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2023 / -- Sci-Fi Author Don Viecelli Introduces Alien Times – Book 1, Revelation! The novel is a speculative science fiction story about an alien coverup that begins with a murder investigation and a Top-Secret U.S. government black-ops group determined to keep all news about extraterrestrial technology and past visits a secret from the public. As the investigation unfolds, the revelation about aliens will shock the world and prove beyond a doubt that aliens do exist and why they are here.

Book 1 Description:
A Top-Secret U.S. special black operations group has been covering up alien visitations and secret alien UFO research projects for decades. This time, they went too far.

They are holding a real live alien captive at Area 51 and will do anything to prevent this alien from meeting with the President and going public, finally proving once and for all that extraterrestrials do exist.

This Top-Secret organization is called Extraterrestrial Counter Threat Group (ECTG). It is run by a high-ranking Pentagon Chief of Staff Space Force general who heads a secret team of scientists tasked with reverse engineering advanced UFO spacecraft held at Area 4, which is part of the highly restrictive Area 51 military base in Nevada. The ECTG will do anything to prevent this alien from meeting with the President of the United States, including murdering a Washington Post investigative reporter in the name of National Security.

With help from a woman staff reporter for the Washington Post and a special agent for the Airborne Object Identification Group (AOIG), the alien finally escapes captivity and meets with the President of the U.S. at Camp David.

The alien has an important message and offer of help for the President and the people on this planet. The question becomes, will people listen to the message or ignore the peril the world is facing in this time of extreme environmental crises?

Book Excerpt:
Inside the Combat Information Center (CIC) on board the USS Obama, Admiral Cooper had been monitoring the approach of five unidentified aircraft using the ship’s radar tracking system. He received constant update reports from his CAG, Captain Whitmore. Neither of them fully understood what these unidentified objects were or why they were approaching the fleet. Cooper decided to try and wave the objects off.

“XO, send out a warning to these aircraft to depart our airspace or they will be intercepted by our fighter jets,” Cooper commanded.

“Yes, Sir. Sending message out on all open channels,” Reden replied.

Cooper waited as the message was repeated several times. There was no response. The unidentified objects continued to approach the fleet.

“Order all Navy ships to General Quarters!” Cooper finally ordered. The alert was heard over the intercom system in loud warning sounds.

The objects did not change course. They moved at unbelievable speed and were on a direct approach to the Admiral’s flag ship.

Cooper heard the phone ring in the Command Center. He picked it up “Should I order my fighters to engage?” CAG officer Whitmore questioned loudly.

“Not yet,” Cooper commanded. “This is not the first time we’ve run across these objects. They should just fly past us as they’ve done in the past.” Cooper knew Captain Whitmore understood what he was saying, even if others in the crew did not.

“The objects are directly ahead of us, Admiral. We should have visual,” XO Reden said.

Cooper looked out his windows. He saw a sudden glare of light reflecting off one of the objects. He had never seen one of these up close before, but he knew what they looked like from seeing photos in classified reports of Unidentified Ariel Phenomena, UAP. That’s what the military called them now instead of UFO. There was no mistaking the sight of them. Hundreds of sailors on dozens of Navy ships were seeing the same thing he was seeing out the windows of the Command Center.

“Holy shit! One of them is approaching our ship, Admiral,” Reden exclaimed.

Sure enough, beyond belief, all five UAPs had slowed down as they approached the fleet and were hovering in the air around five hundred feet above the sea. One of them moved directly towards the USS Obama as if they knew exactly which vessel was the Flag Ship.

Cooper took his binoculars and focused on the object. There was no visible opening anywhere. It came directly over the flight deck and hovered silently in the air for almost two minutes.

“What is it doing, Admiral?”

“It wants everyone to see it. It wants us to know it’s real without any doubts.”

Alien Times – Book 1, Revelation is available in ebook format from, Barnes & Noble Nook, Smashwords and Google Play Books. Paperback format is available from Audiobook is available from Google Play Books. Special introductory pricing is available on ebooks for a short time only. Buy now before price increases!

The author lives in Arlington Heights, IL with his family. He attended Michigan State University and earned his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in Illinois. He retired as a product marketing professional in the high-tech industry and is now pursuing a writing career. He has always enjoyed science fiction and plans to continue writing imaginative novels that explore the future boundaries of real science. He writes science fiction book reviews on popular authors and lists them on He can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and he has his own Website for science fiction readers. He is also a member of the Writers of SciFi, a talented group of Indie Science Fiction writers and authors. Drop him a line when you find a story you like.

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