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Success is endless in Travel Industry provided you follow the right approach. Don't become an agent turn yourself into a creator. Don't buy but sell. Don't call airline, make them call you.”
— Mayank Narang
DELHI, INDIA, February 7, 2023 / -- Tourism Industry attracts lots of youngsters and even middle age and old age people also. It has nothing to do with age but is more about one's situation and opportunities to Travel. Yes it attracts those youngsters more who cannot afford travelling. Those who can afford travelling, they pay to Travel Agents and gets their travel organised, just after the trip they starts thinking to start their own Travel Agency or to get job in Travel Industry. Actually in whatever age one would start thinking of travelling and exploring Travel Destinations or different countries, it is sure one would get attracted to join the travel industry.

Common conception is that people who are in Travel Industry they get to travel a lot and that also free of cost, but here it is important to understand that it is not always true. Yes it is true that people who are in Travel Industry they get to travel free of cost, but not all, only the one who can lead and who know the real work.

Airline would give you free tickets only after making you work for minimum 2 years, a Travel Company would provide you Free Trips only after earning 20 times more through you than the cost of the same free trip you would be getting. If one would start their own Travel Agency, then nothing is free - Hotel is Free only when you have given them considerable amount of business, similarly air ticket is free only after selling hundreds of Air Tickets. Still no doubt it is an excellent industry to grow, to become rich and to have never ending earning

Now the big question is "what is the work in Travel Industry", how to join, how to become successful and how to get to travel the whole world Free of Cost.

To start with if there is someone very young, that youngster can join the industry by taking job with Airline. It is easy to get job of Air Ticketing Executive provided one has right knowledge of GDS. GDS is global distribution system and majorly there are 2 companies which provide this, first is Amadeus and second is Galileo, both are good. There is a very glamorous job profile in Travel Industry which is of Flight Attendant. Usually students/youngsters gets lost in understanding the right way of turning themselves into Cabin Crew. To become Cabin Crew only understanding of Airport and Airlines is enough, no special course is required. Yes there is free course available to become Cabin Crew / Air Hostess or Flight Attendant, the course is provided by The Tourism School

It is very common to get free air tickets from Airlines but not in the beginning of the job, but yes after working for few years. There was a time when Airline use to give a Free Ticket on every 15 tickets, gone are those days, now expect to get a Free Ticket only after selling minimum 150 Air Tickets of same airline. So here key to understand is consolidation.

There are good number of people in the age group of 24 to 29 who are attracted to join the industry. For them the most high paying and fulfilling profile is of designing Travel Packages. This is the job done by Travel Package Managers. Yes please understand designing Travel Package/s is still difficult on the basis of AI (Artificial Intelligence). To design appropriate and easy to sell Travel Packages, one must obtain good destination knowledge and practice of creating Travel Packages

Lots of people start travelling out of their country in the age group of 30 to 40 and once they do that, they feel as they can do it on their own instead of paying someone else, let us become a Travel Agent. 70% Travellers after taking their first international trip attempts to star their own Travel Business or tries to take job in Travel Industry.

Yes it is possible and easy to become a Travel Agent, it is doable even without investment also. No license is required to become a Travel Agent. But one must notice without any investment you would be able to earn good but won't be able to scale the business. So the most important investment to begin with is in learning and implementing and soon one must start investing minimum 50% profit back to their Travel Agency. To become a successful Travel Agent one must have GDS on their company's name, must have IATA Air Ticket Issuance Rights and understanding of picking the appropriate hotels and travel services. Once a person is able to do that, then turning them into an Itinerary is the only work left

Learning, making Professional Travel Itineraries is possible free of cost also, just search and reach "The Tourism School"

Travel Industry is already occupied by big investors, IT companies and huge Groups. Government also controls lots of part which impacts the future of Travel Expert & professionals. It is close to impossible to get any kind of benefit from government in regards to promoting honest travel services on small scale as government supports only big companies, having investment capability in thousands of crores. For government Tourism or Travel is not about Destination Knowledge or selling air tickets, for them it is only and only about infrastructure and which is right also

Without having sufficient Airports, Roads, Aircrafts making Tourism Industry earn is not possible and all of that is possible with huge and unimaginable amount investment, which many time even a single Government Cannot afford and that is why many projects are done in collaboration with different countries or companies. Example of the same is visible, just read to believe how AirBus or Boeing are Funded, how Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is funded, how the Metro of Kuala Lumpur is funded. Can you imagine Travel without Metro

To really become a permanent part of Travel Industry one must aspire to start at least a Hotel or one's own Airline.

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