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ShareTheBoard recognized as Top EdTech Product of 2023 at FETC conference

Marcin Demkowicz, co-founder of ShareTheBoard, presenting to a captive audience

Marcin Demkowicz, co-founder of ShareTheBoard, extolling the benefits of using traditional writing surfaces in an increasingly remote world

Computer vision technology digitizes whiteboard contents in real time, turning traditional writing surfaces into interactive, secure tools for hybrid education

Since remote learning often arises out of necessity, both students and teachers should enjoy an experience as closely resembling in-class learning as possible.”
— Marcin Demkowicz, co-founder of ShareTheBoard

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2023 / -- District Administration, a leader in the edtech news and analysis space, has recognized ShareTheBoard as the Top EdTech Product of 2023, in the Virtual Learning Technology startup category. The distinction was awarded during the Future of EdTech Conference (FETC) in New Orleans. ShareTheBoard was also recognized as a finalist in the conference’s Pitchfest competition, which brings together many of the world’s most promising edtech startups.

ShareTheBoard has developed handwriting recognition software that amplifies whiteboard contents in real time, while making obstacles - such as teachers - appear transparent. Remote students can even contribute digital content to the shared surfaces, effectively turning traditional whiteboards into interactive devices that can simultaneously address hybrid audiences.

The new technology is being piloted at universities and K12 schools across North America, putting into practice lessons learned from COVID-19 restrictions. After shifting abruptly to remote learning, many schools reported lower engagement from students as well as learning loss, and social and mental health issues. Studies demonstrated that the shift to a learning interaction based primarily on digital content exacerbated the sudden drop in human contact. ShareTheBoard allows schools to deliver a more familiar remote learning experience by focusing not on applications but on teachers themselves and their traditional tool of choice, the board.

As Marcin Demkowicz, co-founder of ShareTheBoard, points out, human-centricity is at the core of his startup’s mission. “Since remote learning often arises out of necessity, both students and teachers should enjoy an experience as closely resembling in-class learning as possible,” states Demkowicz. This maxim demands not only a more natural remote interaction but a belief that teachers shouldn’t bear the burden of technological change with new learning curves just to do the job they already know. This approach is visible throughout every aspect of ShareTheBoard:

- As technical infrastructure often varies significantly from class to class, ShareTheBoard is designed to work with any existing video conferencing software or in-class hardware (i.e., computers and cameras)
- The app can be set to run passively in the background, requiring no intervention from lecturers during class
- As teachers can simply use their traditional boards, no training is required
- The app also records all contents written on boards automatically, allowing students - both present and remote - to focus on their educator instead of on copying down board contents

Ultimately, all of the app’s features are built around delivering a more natural learning experience. “For all of our technical sophistication,” says Demkowicz, “teachers often praise the fact that they can actually be seen standing and gesticulating by their board.”

The Future of EdTech Conference (FETC) is one of the largest and most prestigious events covering innovations serving the K12 education market.

About ShareTheBoard

ShareTheBoard is dedicated to developing the most familiar, engaging and human-centric remote learning experience. The company is committed to developing technology that builds on fundamental teaching practices and that is financially attainable by school systems worldwide. In addition to its accolades at FETC, ShareTheBoard has been lauded as one of the Top Distance Learning Solutions of 2022 by Education Technology Insights. For more information, visit

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ShareTheBoard turns any traditional writing surface into an interactive and secure teaching and collaboration device