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Brazil’s Token Wibx Emerges as a Reward Utility Token

SãO JOSé DOS CAMPOS, SãO PAULO, February 4, 2023 / -- In the latest development of utility tokens, Brazils' token wibx emerges as a reward utility token. The token already supports a user base of more than half a million people. The company aims to decentralize the power of digital marketing by advocating that each person can be a media asset, capable of impacting people around them with even more authority than big influencers.

The concept of "nano-influencer" was born, which today is one of the central themes of web 3.0, in addition to the production, exhibition, and management decentralization of online content.

As soon as the company understood the great possible impact of nano-influencers in an increasingly decentralized market, it created a platform in which any person can accumulate tokens and generate extra income only from sharing sponsored content and developing traffic, registrations, and even sales for big companies around the country. This business model was responsible for establishing Wibx as a highly relevant project, especially in a country where more than 60 million people live with less than 100 dollars per month.

In addition, the nano-influencer platform has several applications in different markets, opening a range of possibilities for introducing Wibx tokens in the game, music, and immersive technology industries. As, for instance, their new project, a virtual shopping mall in a fully interactive and functional metaverse environment in which platform's customers will be able to use their tokens to purchase products from great companies around the world.

In a country where more than 50 million people are unbanked, offering an application that facilitates revenue generation and allows purchases and payments without the need for a bank or card issuer as intermediaries had extreme importance for the currency's success and adoption. And, because of that, in 2020, the company focused most of its efforts on the integration of the token technology directly into ERP systems, being the first company in the crypto market to achieve this feat and, in the following year, establishing Wibx as the most accepted token in Brazil, today integrated into supermarket chains and extremely relevant stores in the city of Brazil. The company also presented results for companies and brands, by reducing the cost of marketing metrics , such as Customer acquisition cost (CAC), and Traffic costs in branded content sharing.

Wibx token was first listed in 2020 on the country's large crypto exchange, Mercado Bitcoin. Two years later, the company ended 2022 with over $340 million traded on the token.

After its first listing, Wibx has remained at the top of the list of most traded tokens in Brazil. The company understands that, despite the relevance of the Brazilian crypto market, the project's expansion is significant for the company and the token.

Furthermore, the company is preparing to internationalize the Wibx platform in 2023, starting with other countries in South America, like Argentina and Colombia, and then expanding to Europe and North America.

As a result of this initial go to market, the company presented results not only for its users, but also for more than 100 companies, enabling an average reduction of 40% in CAC and 600% in traffic
costs and branded content sharing .

About Wibx:

Wibx is a reward utility token launched in 2019 by Wiboo Company, founded by a team of Brazilians in 2015 . The company's mission has been to decentralize the power of digital marketing by advocating that each person can be a media asset, capable of impacting people around them with even more authority than big influencers.

Another equally ambitious project takes place with Wibx in the recording industry through a Whitelabel platform for record labels, where artists offer exclusive rewards and experiences to their fans in exchange for engagement. Finally, within the games, metaverse and e-sports market, Wibx has not only developed its applications but also strengthened its relationships with big companies in the market and great e-sports teams, aiming to convert the token into a highly relevant currency in the game sector, and also in the metaverse, with its virtual mall and other ongoing projects.

Vagner Sobrinho
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