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Root Applied Sciences to Release Version 2.0 in 1st Quarter of 2023.

Root's 2023 in-field spore trap

Figure 2. Root's dashboard

User feedback drives new features and design reboot.

The concept of spore trapping has been around for a while, but we are here to deliver on the promise of this technology in a way that really works for the grower”
— Dr. Sarah Placella, founder and CEO of Root
OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2023 / -- Root Applied Sciences (Root) has made numerous product enhancements and updates over the past six months in anticipation of this release. In addition to a redesign of the spore trap housing, information is now presented in ways that are easier to understand and for users to take mitigating action when needed.

The new release features a major redesign of Root’s spore capture device:

UPDATED HOUSING - The 2023 units have been redesigned and equipped with injection-molded housing. In addition to looking better, the new enclosure contains the battery, electronics, and cyclone. Coupled with wires being protected from the elements, the new enclosure improves the device's life and the system's overall footprint.

BATTERY - Root’s new batteries are smaller, lighter, and last many years. Having the battery inside the device enables even greater reliability.

ELECTRONICS - A complete redesign of electronics ensures consistent performance, including adding important new features such as GPS, connectivity, and sensors to know if the units require any servicing.

And an upgraded user experience:

DATA INTERPRETATION - Based on thousands of samples, Root has aggregated the data to deliver a new 'Risk Analysis' feature. This overlaid, color-coded risk assessment makes it easier for growers to interpret the spore count and know if immediate action is needed.

DASHBOARD - Root now has an online dashboard where customers can view data on a map and in charts, improving the end-user's ability to assess what’s happening in different areas or regions of their vineyard.

FLEET MONITORING - With remote monitoring, Root can now quickly identify and rectify potential issues without customer assistance.

LIGHT & SOUND - The 2023 Root units feature a light that shows up at night, increasing their visibility to tractors. And, the new units are now extremely quiet while maintaining airflow and spore capture.

“We listened to our users and are delivering upon their requests. Our new streamlined units, coupled with the focus on data interpretation, demonstrate our commitment to serving the needs of the grape grower. The concept of spore trapping has been around for a while, but we are here to deliver on the promise of this technology in a way that really works for the grower,” affirms Dr. Sarah Placella, founder and CEO of Root Applied Sciences. If you are interested in reducing prophylactic powdery mildew sprays and increasing the overall quality of your wine production, please contact us at and learn more by visiting


Root delivers innovative technology to foster more affordable and sustainable farming practices. Their field-proven technology alerts farmers to airborne fungal pathogens weeks before they are detectable to the human eye. By providing timely and accurate science-based information, growers and viticulturists spray at just the right time with much greater precision than spraying according to the PMI (an often relied upon but outmoded index that can’t reliably predict pathogen risk). Growers using Root’s technology know with accuracy and certainty when there is no threat of disease, allowing them to eliminate unnecessary pesticide applications, with some growers experiencing as much as a 70% reduction in sprays. Similarly, in a high pathogen year, growers can spray at the onset of airborne detection, hitting the pathogen before it can be seen and well before it damages the crop. This overall reduction in unnecessary fungicide applications results in significant cost-savings, increased yield, and numerous benefits to farm workers, consumers, and the environment.

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