Versasec expands their identity orchestration to support FIDO2 credentials in Azure AD

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Versasec expands their identity orchestration to support FIDO2 credentials in Azure AD

Versasec Credential Management Connectors chart showing which connections products orchestrate and integrate

Versasec Credential Management Connectors

Quote from Joakim Thorén, founder and CEO of Versasec

Quote from Joakim Thorén, founder and CEO of Versasec

Versasec Azure AD TAP integration enables enrollment of passwordless authentication methods with centralized credential management benefits.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, January 31, 2023 / -- Versasec new product version vSEC:CMS 6.6 expands its Microsoft Azure AD integration bringing businesses greater control and simpler deployment of FIDO. Businesses can now issue Temporary Access Pass (TAP) from Versasec credential management systems and enjoy audit trails, distribution, delegation of duties, and automation of tasks.

Versasec award-winning software empowers businesses to adopt security credentials with PKI/PIV, FIDO2, and RFID, activate cryptographic operations (digital signature, remote access, encryption) and reach a Zero Trust model. Each Versasec version release delivers strategic integrations and technology innovations for business savings and effortless credential management.

“Versasec’s promise of delivering the highest level of security to businesses, regardless of size, credential type or deployment model, now extends to include FIDO in Azure AD,” stated Joakim Thorén, founder and CEO of Versasec. “By integrating TAP issuance to the lifecycle processes of the credential, organizations receive all the benefits of a credential management system as including delegation of duties, audit trails, operator and self service. The management of workforce user credentials for Azure AD authentication with FIDO and CBA is now possible in the cloud and on-prem.”

Download vSEC:CMS 6.6 evaluation version.

The new integration allows businesses to add TAP to their credential issuance process, enhancing the user experience and improving security. Businesses can now generate and distribute AAD TAP for their employees from the familiar and enterprise-purposed Versasec credential management system (see image). TAP allows employees to authenticate directly to AAD and onboard passwordless authentication methods, such as FIDO.

Version 6.6 features additional technology enhancements, updates, and automated tasks, including:

- New Certificate Authority integration: certSIGN’s certSAFE Certificate Authority. User credentials can now be issued from vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD with certificates from certSAFE CA.
- Navigation and user interface improvements for Admin and Agent applications.
- Added “credential update view” to the lightweight administrator application, vSEC:CMS Agent. Admins, who prefer the agent application, can now update user credentials without revoking and re-issuing, saving time and resources.
- Expanded supported credential list. Now, HID Crescendo 144K Smart Card can be configured and managed through vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD.

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