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Union Acoustic Introduces Acoustic Panel Customisation to Serve Clients’ Specific Indoor Soundproofing Needs

Union Acoustic Panel

Union Acoustic panels sound proofing

Union Acoustic panels sound proofing singapore

Union Acoustic is one of the first in Singapore to provide tailor-fitted acoustic panels for indoor soundproofing

Indoor soundproofing has gained more popularity nowadays with our clients becoming more diverse. This leads to a growing demand for acoustic panels, hence the need for customisation.””
— Ricky Thng, managing director of Union Acoustic

SINGAPORE, January 30, 2023 / -- In the effort to provide clients with high quality indoor soundproofing products, Union Acoustic introduces acoustic panel customisation (Union AP Custom) that is bespoke to their specific soundproofing needs.

“Indoor soundproofing has gained more popularity nowadays with our clients becoming more and more diverse,” says Ricky Thng, managing director of Union Acoustic. “This leads to a growing diversity in the demand for acoustic panels, hence the need for customisation.”

Union AP Custom addresses the need of providing noise mitigation for in indoor settings, especially in spaces that were structured for a special purpose, thus they have specific requirements.

Customised acoustic panels are often found in theatres, auditoriums, recording studios and other places that are in need of specific sound control solutions, including sound insulation and echo and reverb stabilisation. However, given the evolving use of space, acoustic panel customisation is now being sought by business from different industry sectors, and as well as for home or residential use.

“We are also seeing homeowners looking for custom-made acoustic panels to be installed in their walls,” Ricky Thng continues. “Soundproofing has become beneficial to clients who have started setting up home theatre systems, as well as to those who have converted parts of their living spaces into home offices.”

Union AP Custom offers tailor-made sound proofing solutions without compromising function and quality. Acoustic panels can be custom made in accordance with the client’s requirements in terms of design, room or wall placement, material shape, size, and thickness, and desired aesthetics.

Aside from acoustic panel customisation, Union Acoustic also offers other indoor soundproofing products, including the Union AP Carved, Union AP Skyboard, Union AP Anti-Noise Divider, Union AP Cut-through, and Union AP Hanging Divider.

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