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Bay Area Producer, The Five1Hero, remixes NorCal Rock Band, Young Beards track with a Unique mix of Rock, Hip Hop, & EDM

Young Beard

King Marino in the Studio

King Marino in the Studio

Big Sept Remix Cover

Young Beard Live

The Big September - Young Beard Full Length Album Cover

This Indie Mashup Track Should not be Missed or Discounted

Collaborating with King Marino and The Five1Hero on the remix of 'The Big September' was nothing short of awesome. Their unique style and creativity brought a fresh perspective to the track...”
— Frank Garay III, Young Beard Guitarist
VACAVILLE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2023 / -- When you think of Young Beard, you think of the Sacramento based rock trio. Frank Garay III’s Guitar Riffs melting through the speakers like a hot knife through butter while Frank Garay IV’s bass echoes as you climb inside his lungs with every lyric vocalized. All the while, Kevin Escalante shreds away on the drums like a blood thirsty Barbarian. Normally that is exactly what you can expect from the power rock trio, however, with their recent signing to Fresh Cut Wax LLC, you can now expect a lot more.

Not only are the NorCal rockers releasing a full-length album of every studio track recorded for the first time with the label, but they are also remixing their hit single, The Big September. “We were really excited to sign the band when they expressed interest. It gives us access to a whole new genre as an Indie Label and it give me some cool stuff to play around with.” Executive Producer and Label Owner, The Five1Hero explains. “It was a lot of fun to bring them on and remix ‘Big September’. It gave me a chance to combine all three brands and I didn’t realize I would have an opportunity like this a few months ago”

By “all three brands”, ‘Hero means the collaboration of The Five1Hero remixing a Young Beard song and adding powerhouse emcee, King Marino, who is one of the more prominent emcees on the Renegades Worldwide project. “King Marino was the first emcee I thought if for this because he can cross over genres, and he is just always good. I knew he would get the vibe of the song and make it his own, which is exactly what he did. He was interested from the start to do it too which was cool.” ‘Hero goes on.

Young Beard Guitarist Frank Garay III went on to say “Collaborating with King Marino and The Five1Hero on the remix of 'The Big September' was nothing short of awesome. Their unique style and creativity brought a fresh perspective to the track and elevated it to new heights. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with such talented artists.”

The track is definitely unique and combines Lead Vocalists, Frank Garay IV’s enchanting vocals over some intense tribal EDM beats detonating into an almost old school Los Angeles techno club sound. After the second hook, King Marino lays down some sick bars letting you know he is tired of it all and the track closes with a vocal collaboration of Garay and Marino that will stick in your head for hours, but it won’t be a bad thing.

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