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Student Short Scene: Seeking Supporters

The cover of the pitch deck, which is surrounded images that showcase the riot grrrl movement.

The cover slide from the Pitch Deck Zine, which encompasses the overall feel and vibe of the short.

After being dumped via text, Sizzy changes her bubbly Y2K personality into a punk, bad bitch; completely transforming not only her wardrobe, but her mindset towards herself with the help of her friends.

Logline with images attached to show the transformation.

Pink dice swerving all over the highway (beep beep): photo of person driving with pink dice hanging off of the car's mirror. Played nice, now I wanna play it my way: Peaking out of sunroof, smiling and putting their hands up in the air. Tryna talk to me,

Shot List for Verse 2.

Raising funds for an independent, college student-led music video.

We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.”
— Walt Disney

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2023 / -- Inspired by the 90s riot grrrl movement, lots of people have found a voice in their art. However, similar to the issue in the 90s of grrrl being very white-washed, there is a lack of disability representation. Being part of that community allows more motivation to showcase people with disabilities accurately and be stripped of any stereotypes.

Students and I are raising funds for an independent, student-led music video to supply equipment, props, music rights, etc. They would go straight to technical equipment, materials for DIY sets, clothes, and securing the rights to a song that is also included. The extra money will truly allow the team to go above and beyond, making the best video possible. They are seeking outside help, especially from those interested in inclusive and diverse projects.

The crew is a talented group from Dodge College (Chapman University), recently ranked the 4th best film school in the country. They are also diverse, ensuring the essence of riot grrrl is captured not only on-camera but also off-camera.

On the surface, the 90s and Y2K aesthetics are at their peak for Gen Z and Millennials, making the film very timely.

On a deeper level, it is a turning point for minorities and marginalized communities, speaking from an American perspective. Not only would riot grrrl be exposed to a whole new group of people, but it is an opportunity for filmmakers to make an impact and contribute to change. They are given a voice and very powerful platforms, possessing the ability to change perspectives or, at least, open one's eyes to a new viewpoint they never considered.

The links to the campaigns are listed below.


Isabelle R Primavera
Chapman University
+1 443-931-8601
Visit us on social media:

Preview Reel (Photosensitivity Warning)