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Experience new data generators, interactive playground, diagnostic logs, and more

QUITO, ECUADOR, January 28, 2023 / -- Following a successful round of beta testing, the HTTP mock support feature of is now accessible to the general public. Since that the cloud service provides both gRPC and HTTP mocks. The latest update also brings new features including an interactive playground, diagnostic logs, and data generators, which help users easily test and validate mock requests and responses in real-time, and quickly debug and ensure that mocks are operating correctly.

Cloud mock services are widely used by software developers, testers, and any organization looking to improve their testing process and software development. With, creating mock endpoints, configuring responses, and setting up test scenarios are quick and easy, without the need for additional software or hardware.

After a major update the set of features has been significantly expanded:

- A wide range of supported protocols for mocking gRPC, gRPC-Web, HTTP/1.x, and HTTP/2.0 services
- gRPC JSON transcoding, allowing users to access gRPC mock API using REST+JSON calls
- An inbuilt scripting language supporting if-else expressions, math functions, and more
- Request URL path & query parameter support for HTTP route templates
- Stateful scenarios
- Channel and method credentials
- Inbuilt data generators for generating entire responses or specific fields
- Detailed diagnostic logs for debugging complex mocks
- Built-in RSA-2048 encryption for sensitive data protection is committed to constantly improving the service and providing our users with the best possible experience. We believe that this latest update takes us one step closer to achieving that goal and we look forward to hearing end-user feedback.

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Victor Vorobyev