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An MMO Shooter Citizen Conflict Disrupts The Web3 Gaming Standards

Metropolit City in Citizen Conflict open world

Hero shooter Citizen Conflict brings vehicles to open world

An open-world MMO shooter Citizen Conflict

QORPO Game Studio brings one of the most promising open-world MMO shooters, Citizen Conflict, based on blockchain. The AAA game is set to democratize esports.

Players can expect the best of both worlds. Citizen Conflict will satisfy the needs of high-end desktop game demands while it still offers a frenzy of reckless mini-map matches on your touch screen.”
— Rastislav Bakala, CEO
BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, January 26, 2023 / -- Citizen Conflict is an upcoming free-to-play MMO shooter game set in the dystopian world of Ether Islands, where every match is fought for survival and valuable loot. Because in a post-collapse future, the real you is not enough.

Citizen Conflict Highlights:

Citizen Conflict is a free-to-play MMO shooter based on the BNB Smart Chain.
QORPO Game Studio introduces true ownership and democracy in esports.
The game brings a complex storyline, well-written characters, and enticing environments.
QORPO ID serves as a gateway to an ecosystem of AAA games with a focus on mobile devices

Will We Finally Witness The First Web3 Shooter That Doesn’t Suck?

Many ambitious blockchain game projects have bloomed recently. Bad news? Most of them suck. Crypto enthusiasts are thus locked with little choice in high-quality games. Most of the up-and-coming web3 shooters, set to revolutionize a traditional gaming industry, failed badly. Are we finally witnessing a change in this sour trend? Citizen Conflict appears to be breaking the paradigm of the lo-fi play2earn formula. Created by QORPO Game Studio, Citizen Conflict is still in development, with its alpha version promising a bright future for this European MMO shooter. Maybe we will finally have the best of both worlds.

A Journey Beyond The Blockchain Gaming

Right at first glance, Citizen Conflict is not a run-of-the-mill play2earn game. The shooter experience was designed and built in Unreal Engine 5 to entice players with sharp graphics and dynamic gameplay on par with leading mainstream game titles. It’s no pay-to-win, just pure skill. In the game, players can choose from several personalized heroes with unique skills and special abilities. The story explores the unrelenting war of three syndicates fighting for dominance in the ten playable districts of the Ether Islands. Unlike most ordinary shooters, Citizen Conflict aims to go the extra mile with a unique persistent open world.

The game will offer two main modes - an open-world MMO with a strong RPG focus and an esports mode. While most of the upskilling and character building is set in the open-world map, the latter offers vast room for decentralized, gamers-organized tournaments.

True Ownership, Community-Driven Tournaments, And Cross-Platform Gameplay

Citizen Conflict unites traditional and web3 players. While casual gamers will enjoy the ease of gameplay and AAA quality, web3 enthusiasts will be happy to monetize their skills and own the in-game assets they win or pay for. The whole QORPO ecosystem is a community-first space. No one in the game is left out. Citizen Conflict introduces a community-driven governance model so that every player can vote on essential phases of the games’ development. Citizen Conflict, just like other QORPO-developed games, is set to revolutionize esports.

Players can expect regular tournaments with attractive prize pools. Citizen Conflict even encourages the community to organize autonomous tournaments of their own, with no third party present.

Citizen Conflict not only bridges fast-paced mini-map modes with open-world MMO RPG. The Ether Islands saga dominates both desktops and phones alike. While the vast RPG mode is a worthwhile AAA experience, best suited for high-performance computers, the rise of smartphone gamers has piqued the interest of QORPO developers. Therefore, Citizen Conflict will be fully playable on smartphones and tablets.

One MMO Shooter Is Not Enough…

The goal of QORPO Game Studio is to build a well-integrated universe of AAA games across genres. As explained by the company’s CMO, David Achberger, QORPO Game Studio strives to offer a seamless experience across our game titles. The goal is to challenge the limits of web3 while taking advantage of web2 convenience. Our goal is to bring web3 to the masses thanks to high-quality products and ease of use. Players can enjoy the simplicity they are used to,. After signing into our QORPO ID, players get direct access to the whole ecosystem of our products under one roof.

About QORPO Game Studio: Born of a desire to challenge the limits, since 2018, QORPO Game Studio has been one of the best up-and-coming web3 games development studios with headquarters in Slovakia, strong ties to Dubai, and a web of affiliates around the world.

David Achberger
QORPO Game Studio
+421 904 882 155
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