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Symbiome Partners with Skin Microbiome Testing experts at Sequential to Revolutionize Beauty Industry

Logo showing Sequential and Symbiome in partnership

Sequential and Symbiome partner to drive skin microbiome field forward.

Symbiome partners with Sequential - a pioneering skin microbiome testing company to bring the latest in microbiome science to the beauty industry.

NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2023 / -- Symbiome, A leading skincare company, has announced a unique partnership with Sequential - a pioneering skin microbiome testing company to bring the latest in microbiome science to the beauty industry. The collaboration will focus on developing and testing innovative skincare products that take into account the individual's unique skin microbiome.

The partnership will utilize the Sequential Skin Patch™️ in vivo (on human skin) to assess both the skin microbiome and gene expression of the skin, providing a more comprehensive understanding of sub-clinical and inflammatory skin types. This functional testing approach not only identifies what microbes are present on the skin but also why they may be there and how they may be involved in the inflammatory process on the skin.

"We are excited to partner with Sequential to bring this cutting-edge technology to the skincare industry," said Larry Weiss, CEO of Symbiome. "This collaboration is an ambitious program to develop a comprehensive diagnostic toolkit incorporating quantitative taxonomic, functional, immune, inflammatory, and clinical parameters. Combining microbial and host biomarkers will expand our understanding of the skin microbiome and accelerate the development of safe and effective microbiome based skincare products and therapeutics."

"Our partnership with Symbiome is a potential game-changer for the beauty industry," said Oliver Worsley, CEO of Sequential. "Sequential’s vision and brand has always been to quantitatively examine both host, and environment parameters, from a simple skin patch, and we are excited to apply Sequential’s technology in this collaboration with Symbiome.”

This partnership highlights the growing importance of understanding the skin microbiome in the development of skincare products. Research has shown that the skin microbiome plays a crucial role in maintaining skin health and that disruptions to the microbiome can lead to various inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.


About Symbiome
Symbiome is a San Francisco-based microbiome biotechnology company focusing on health and wellness. They are the developers of the Symbiome® brand of BioIntact® fermented skincare products that nourish and protect the skin and its microbiome, restoring what our skin has lost in the modern world. Symbiome has sponsored three international academic research expeditions deep into the Amazon rainforest, defining an evolutionary reference for the microbiome and transforming our understanding of the healthy human microbiome. Symbiome scientists have translated this groundbreaking research into a line of unique, proprietary skincare products formulated with naturally fermented, Amazonian botanicals. The brand's skincare lineup includes ten clean, organic, sustainable, and traceable products — each with less than eight ingredients. Learn more about Symbiome, and follow Symbiome on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Ali Taekman

About Sequential
Sequential Skin® is a skin microbiome company, headquartered in the UK with labs in New York City and Singapore, developing next generation non-invasive skin testing, and data-driven solutions for the skin microbiome. Having successfully launched the world’s first at-home skin microbiome test kit in 2019, Sequential used this data to complement their B2B testing arm Sequential Bio®, a first-in-class Microbiome testing company specifically for consumer products – in vivo (on human skin) certified to Maintain the Microbiome™, allowing for the highest quality of in vivo skin microbiome quantitative analysis for the rigours of R&D and claim substantiation. Sequential has won several awards including recently "Most Significant Testing and Claims Method” in the personal care industry in 2022 (Cosmetic & Toiletries Alle Award).

Grace Francis
Sequential Skin Ltd
+1 347-871-4974