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Revolutionary AI-Powered Landmine Detecting Robot Unveiled by Leading European Developer LeoTronics Robotics

TrackReitar Cleanfield

TrackReitar Cleanfield

Demining Robot from LeoTronics Robotics

Demining Robot from LeoTronics Robotics

Landmine Clearance Robot

Landmine Clearance Robot

LeoTronics Robotics Launches Landmine Detecting Robot and Invites Investors to Join the Effort of Saving Lives and Improving Disaster Recovery Efforts.

We are excited to introduce this revolutionary landmine clearance tool to the world. Our TrackReitar CleanField will help save lives and improve the speed and efficiency of disaster recovery efforts.”
— LeoTronics Robotics CEO Ruslan Prysyazhnyi
BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, January 18, 2023 / -- LeoTronics Robotics, a leading European developer of mobile service robots for emergency and disaster relief, announced their newest robot, the AI-powered Landmine Detecting Robot TrackReitar CleanField with Dual-sensor searching heed.

This innovative robot is designed to safely locate and identify landmines in conflict zones and disaster-stricken areas, saving lives and enabling faster recovery efforts.

This caterpillar robot is equipped with a dual-sensor search head that contains a metal detector (MD) and ground-penetrating radar (GPR). The range of cameras and sensors allows one to get much information about dangerous environments. This data is a source for a robot’s brain to improve the quality of landmine recognition significantly by increasing the chances of detecting hidden landmines and reducing the number of false positives.

The Landmine Detecting Robot is equipped with advanced AI algorithms that detect and identify landmines accurately. Its compact size and rugged design make it suitable for use in a wide range of environments, from deserts to forests and everything in between.

The robot can navigate under the most challenging conditions safely and avoid obstacles. Its state-of-the-art communication systems allow it to communicate with other robots and human operators, providing real-time updates on its progress and the location of any landmines it detects. Every dangerous thing will be identified, located, and marked on the site, and all the data will be transferred to the database.

This robotics mines finder is capable of examining a territory of 1000 square meters in just one hour, which is a 10-fold increase compared to the performance of a human. Furthermore, the robot can operate for 8 hours without getting tired, providing an efficient and reliable solution for detecting landmines in conflict zones and disaster-stricken areas.

These performance results demonstrate this innovative technology’s potential to impact global efforts to eliminate the threat of landmines significantly. LeoTronics Robotics is committed to providing innovative and effective emergency and disaster relief solutions, and the TrackReitar CleanField is the latest example of this commitment. The company is currently in talks with governments and humanitarian organizations worldwide to deploy this technology as soon as possible.

We seek individuals and organizations that share our passion for innovation and making a difference. As a prospective investor, you will have the opportunity to positively impact the world through investment in cutting-edge technology for peace and security.

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About LeoTronics Robotics
LeoTronics Robotics is a leading European developer of mobile service robots for emergency and disaster relief. The company’s mission is to provide innovative and effective solutions that save lives and improve the speed and efficiency of recovery efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters and other emergencies.

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