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Aarna Networks partners with picoNETS to deliver next-generation content on 5G

Comparative Lab Testing for 5G Performance

Comparative Lab Testing

Integration represents a Deep Edge CDN for 5G and other Telco use cases and achieves over 9OX improvement in content delivery.

BANGALORE, INDIA, January 18, 2023 / -- Aarna Networks, which solves enterprise edge and private 5G management complexity through zero-touch edge orchestration at scale, today announced a partnership with picoNETS – a Deep Edge- Software based - CDN.

picoNETS can be used for 5G use cases such as immersive multi-camera streaming at stadiums, 8K videos, gaming, and virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR) – all of which require ultra-low latency and high bandwidth. picoCDN can also deliver non-video assets for use cases like e-commerce or app assets. Low latency can significantly improve application startup time and perceived end-user experience.

picoCDN has tested and integrated with Aarna Networks’ AMCOP, an open-source orchestration, lifecycle management, and real-time policy, closed-loop automation platform for edge and 5G services. AMCOP 3.1, now available, includes an SMO Call Home feature for all NF alerts, a fully Secure HTTPS SMO UI, and full support for the ELK stack.

In lab testing to simulate the Deep Edge, a leading Global Cloud CDN achieved 100 Max Mb/s, 37 Average Mb/s, and 1.752 TTFB (Time to First Byte, measured in Milliseconds), while the picoCDN + AMCOP integration achieved 5,477 Max Mb/s, 3,436 Average Mb/s, and 0.07 TTFB, resulting in 92.86x faster data speeds and a 25x better TTFB.

“AMCOP solves complexity and simplifies edge infrastructure and orchestration which can unleash previously unimagined new services,” said Amar Kapadia, co-founder and CEO, Aarna Networks. “This integration with picoCDN has achieved an extraordinary level of performance and opens up new possibilities for 5G use cases."

“picoCDN integration with Aarna abstracts away the implementation complexity to enable OTTs and other CDN users to look at new use cases with ultra-low latency in the 5G world,” said Prakash Advani, co-founder, and CEO, of picoNETS. “ We also look forward to working with Aarna networks for new 5G use cases."

Aarna Networks solves enterprise edge and private 5G management complexity through zero-touch edge orchestration at scale. We’re on a mission to help enterprises and network operators unlock previously unimagined new services, drastically slash operational costs, and improve time to market. Aarna’s software and SaaS solutions leverage open source, cloud-native, and DevOps methodologies to provide zero-touch edge and 5G service orchestration and management services. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in San Jose, CA, and Bengaluru, India. Please visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn:

About picoNETS
picoNETS is a Deep Edge CDN (Content Delivery Network) startup. picoNETS works with leading content partners for an unmatched experience by providing zero buffering and ultra-low latency. picoNETS can deliver 4K Ultra HD, 8K, VR, and AR seamlessly. Applications can also run on the picoNETS platform’s distributed nodes, thereby improving the QoS (Quality of Service). picoNETS works with leading carriers and ISPs worldwide to deliver a superior experience for their users and reduce their backhaul and transit traffic. picoNETS engineers are continually innovating and developing solutions to enhance Internet Experiences.

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