Celebrities Explore a Kid-Friendly Treasure Hunt and Embrace the Bob Ross Legacy in ‘The Happy Little Tree’

UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- A-list celebrities unite to celebrate the love of children’s literature and a beloved American treasure. Stars like Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander and actor/influencer Wil Wheaton have provided clues for a $10,000 treasure hunt for which the biggest clue yet can be found in the clever children’s book, “The Happy Little Tree.” That free release crafts a moment in the life of iconic artist Bob Ross, who still makes an impact decades after his passing. A passionate painter, art instructor, television host and creator of The Joy of Painting that aired from 1983 to 1994 on PBS, Bob colored the lives of many with his vibrant strokes and a few chosen words: “In your world, you create any illusion that you want. Take care of it, treasure it.”

The creators of “The Happy Little Tree,” Hilary Genga and Sean Cronin, have also authored “Xavier MarX and the Missing Masterpieces,” a children’s book and treasure hunt. Parents, educators, and lovers of children’s books will find “Xavier MarX” a delightful fun-filled read with a themed message. The writers weave a tale about an elementary school field trip to an art museum, using whimsical rhymes to relay the students’ adventure and ending in a lesson well learned.

“Xavier” has multiple clues to a treasure hunt with a 10-thousand-dollar bounty. By following the clues, one lucky adventurer will find the treasure hidden somewhere in the continental US. Readers of “The Happy Little Tree” can get a leg up by solving puzzles that reveal the state where the treasure is hidden.

The creative team leverages social media to make this an engaging read for the whole family. Other well-known celebrities drop clues on Twitter and TikTok to contribute to the quest. Oscar nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg, who actually wrote a page for “Xavier,” and ABC’s favorite Shark, Daymond John, give their “shout-outs” to help navigate the journey. You can find their bonus clues on the official Instagram account: @raceforthetreasure.

All proceeds from the “Xavier MarX” treasure hunt go to the International Child Foundation. This outstanding organization in Washington, DC donates art supplies to schools all over the world and organizes the world's largest school art program, the Arts Olympiad.

For more information, please contact Hilary Genga at Phone: 310-890-4998 or Email: hiltoo@aol.com or visit Website: www.xaviermarx.com.

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