Smobler Studios launches Hytech’s rebrand and first global Metaverse event

Hytech's Re-brand in the Metaverse

Hytech's Re-brand in the Metaverse

Huge Turnout in Decentraland

Huge Turnout in Decentraland

Headshot of Loretta Chen smiling to camera

Smobler Studios' Co-Founder and CEO, Loretta Chen

Smobler Studios' Global Head of Production, Sharon Beh

Smobler Studios' Global Head of Production, Sharon Beh

Smobler Studios launches Hytech’s rebrand and first global metaverse event

As pioneers in the space, we seek trusted partners and brands that embody the spirit of innovation, celebrate creativity and provide a trifecta of form, function and fun to stay ahead of competition”
— Smobler Studios' Co-Founder and CEO Loretta Chen
SINGAPORE, January 6, 2023 / -- International management consultancy firm, Hytech, has launched its new brand in the Metaverse.

The experience was developed by Smobler Studios, a leading metaverse architecture agency. It also designed and hosted the first wedding in The Sandbox Metaverse last August. The phygital wedding captured international headlines and created widespread public interest in the Metaverse.

Hytech provides management consultancy services to fintech firms around the world. The rebranding move consolidates its teams across different verticals - including operations, cybersecurity, human resources, data analytics, and app development support – under a single umbrella.

In order to achieve maximum impact, the brand launch was planned in stealth and disguised as a Christmas celebration party for staff and internal stakeholders.

In order to ensure the success of this ground-breaking endeavour, Smobler Studios partnered with HighCo Metaland, a subsidiary of HighCo, a media company headquartered in France.

Co-Founder and CEO of Smobler Studios, Loretta Chen shares that strategic collaborations are key to the success of the burgeoning Metaverse,

“The Metaverse and Web 3 space are in its early throes of creation. As early adopters, disruptors and pioneers in the space, it is essential we seek out trusted partners to create value propositions for our users and community. Brands that embody the spirit of innovation, celebrate a culture of creativity and seek to provide a trifecta of form, function and fun will be able to stay ahead of the curve.”

The event was held in Decentraland, a 3D virtual world browser based platform from 15th to 17th December 2022. It drew over 1700 applications making it one of the biggest highlights in Decentraland during the period. Eventually, close to a 1000 Hytech employees were granted access to the password-gated experience. This was a feat given that Hytech has a diverse team operating from global markets and different time zones.

Sara Zhang, Head of Global HR at Hytech explained that Hytech’s brand launch was key to building a strong sense of belonging for its employees within the sprawling organisation,

“Hytech’s people live and breathe technology and innovation daily. Our operations were isolated due to our teams being physically located in different offices around the world. It was essential to create a unified identity for them, so they know they are part of a bigger family with a common purpose and vision that goes beyond their four walls. This virtual gathering on the Metaverse was the right choice on so many levels.”

A launch of this scale requires careful planning. The EU commission spent over $400,000 on a party in the Metaverse to promote its Global Gateway Initiative last December. Only 6 people reportedly showed up. The empty gala did not go down well with internal staff, netizens and the public.

As such, the team at Smobler Studios worked hard to ensure the event would go without a hitch by embarking on an “Educate, Engage and Entertain” framework to onboard the Hytech staff. Global Head of Productions at Smobler Studios, Sharon Beh adds,

“While the term ‘Metaverse’ has become one of the most Googled buzzwords, not everyone truly understands it. At Smobler Studios, we aim to remove the barriers to entry. Aside from building the experience, we educated the Hytech staff on how to create a digital wallet, engaged them on how to claim their NFTs and entertained them by showing them how to animate their avatars to play and dance in the metaverse. All of these work in tandem to enable a richer, more fulfilling Metaverse experience. We are delighted that everyone was able to partake in the festive celebrations and create memories with their colleagues from all over the world. ”

This positive experience has served to alleviate some of the initial anxieties on entering the Metaverse which reinforces Chen’s beliefs and vision for collaborative, win-win-win partnerships.

“The launch is just a start. Our success will come as we continue to build our operations with the refreshed brand,” quips Zhang.

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About Hytech

Hytech is a global management consultancy firm, specialising in driving digital transformation for businesses in the fintech industries. Hytech operates at the intersection of business and technology by amalgamating innovative thinking with unrivalled industry knowledge, to deliver end-to-end data-driven solutions for cloud services, cyber-security solutions, IT consultancy, and other support services.

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About Smobler Studios

Smobler Studios is a metaverse architecture agency that specializes in IP creation, brand marketing and metaverse development. The Studios is also focused on co-creating a Metaverse for Good based on its IDEALS (inclusion, diversity, equity, access, leadership and sustainability) as well as building a diverse ecosystem with a strong academy emphasis.

Smobler Studios works largely with Web 2 legacy brands, governments, NGOs, financial institutions, F&B, retail and other B2B brands. Its recent clients include DBS, Mighty Jaxx, 1-Group, The Food Bank Singapore and Tools of Rock NFT amongst others. Smobler Studios is backed by The Sandbox and Brinc. To learn more, visit

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Hytech's Re-Brand Launch and Christmas Party in Decentraland