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Jaye P. Willis’s Newly Released “The Pandemic Prophet” is a Panacea of Poetry and Prose that Aims to Empower the Readers

The Pandemic Prophet

“The Pandemic Prophet” from Book Vine Press author Jaye P. Willis reminds the readers that everyone is empowered to improve their lives and community.

Those who step outside the box & embrace uneasy situations with grace & humility can do extraordinary things. Research history, learn other languages, read, speak with elders, & help those in need.”
— Jaye P. Willis, Author
PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2022 / -- “The Pandemic Prophet: A Soulistic View of the Socioeconomic Guinea Worms of Modern Minds”: a poetry and written ode to Mr. Reginald E. Petty. He is from East St. Louis, a small town in Southern Illinois. It is today considered an economically depressed city, but that hasn’t stopped his ambition and passion for making it better. The book discusses his childhood and what made him a legend not only in his hometown but worldwide, particularly in Africa. “The Pandemic Prophet” is the creation of a first-time published author Jaye P. Willis, whose interests include poetry, travel, history, and music.

Jaye P. Willis writes, “Reginald E. Petty is the inspiration behind ‘The Pandemic Prophet.’ Through many personal accounts shared within the book, he is portrayed as an ordinary man who has lived an extraordinary life. Born in 1935 in the highly segregated area of metropolitan Saint Louis, Missouri, he was reared in East Saint Louis, Illinois, in a household with his parents and extended family members. The socioeconomic environment of his rearing fueled his journey, including his Middle American education, difficult youth, civil and human rights activism, marriages, national and international employment, and appointments by multiple United States Presidents. Petty served as one of Africa’s first African American Peace Corps Country Directors (Upper Volta in Africa). He served in that capacity in several other African countries and later became a consultant in Egypt. He led several United States agencies, including serving as the Executive Director of the National Advisory Council on Vocational Education. He was the founder and publisher of an international youth newspaper, curator of the catalog of an international music icon, sought-after civil rights speaker, and community organizer.
His story is meant to inspire others who may believe they are confined by their environment and show them the world is waiting on their unique efforts.”

Published by Book Vine Press, Jaye P. Willis’s new book covers the breadth of Mr. Petty’s his life and family, the people he assisted, his accomplishments, and his message to the youth. It also includes original poems by Mr. Petty and the author to mark each score of his life. Most of the material comes from interviews with Mr. Petty, his colleagues and protégés, and others, as well as his historical archives and photographs. The novel also includes references to black history.

Through this book, the author reminds the readers that when striving to improve the human condition within the confines of society’s rules and regulations, they may find themselves in risky positions. Those who think beyond the box and accept uncomfortable situations with grace and humility may accomplish remarkable things. Investigate history, study other languages, read, converse with elders, and assist those in need. The world is eagerly awaiting your contributions.

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