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The Secret Solution for Living with Myopia

Oooptic prescription lens fits almost every type of eyewear

One lens for all

One OOOptic lens system saves you six pairs of expensive custom lenses and fits to your sunglasses, goggles, protective eyewear and many more.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2023 / -- International Myopia Institute ( recently quoted 30% of the world population are living with myopia and projected 50% or world population will be myopic by 2050, that is 5 billion people! Although there are remedies for myopia, it is not for everyone, and this will not go away anytime soon.

This means myopic must adapt to enjoy their quality of life. Best solution, myopic will need prescription lens for work, to jog, to scuba dive, to ski, enjoy nature or for their favorite game on their VR goggles and more. So, they need a bunch of eyewear. How many prescriptions lens do they need? Only 1,

This revolution product gives myopic the freedom to choose what they wear anytime, anyplace. Now myopic can just use this universal magnetic adhesive prescription lens that fits into their pocket and most importantly fit practically any eyewear of their choice for instant prescription alternative.

Oooptic lens allows myyopic to install tiny magnets to any eyewear to attach their light weight (1g), scratch resistant, blue light protection lens to any eyewear. Rental eyewear? No problem just removes the magnets before return it. Oooptic specially formulated adhesive would not even leave a mark.

Expensive custom prescription lens inserts? Yes, if myopic need to buy a bunch of them. Try out the universal magnetic adhesive prescription lens. 1 pair of oooptic for 6 favorite eyewear.

So what is the excuse? Grab a pair of oooptic at and start enjoying all favorite activities with perfect vision today.

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