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ARAX Holdings Corp. News Desk #1

Arax Holdings Corp (OTCBB:ARAT)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 21, 2022 / -- We are excited to bring to you our first brief update on what is happening in ARAX Holdings Corp.

As we are approaching the end of the year and the markets in the digital economy are in turmoil, investors are questioning the stability of exchanges and the risks specifically associated with centralized digital asset trading platforms.

In light of these turbulent times, ARAX realized the opportunity in investing in projects that address these insecure business practices, specifically centralized digital trading and fund management platforms, and turn these challenging times into real value for our stakeholders.

The software acquired in the acquisition of Core Business Holdings (Core Group) has the unique quality of being built on one of the few Layer-1 decentralized blockchain networks, Core Blockchain.

Some of the unique features of Core Blockchain include the distribution of the network on IoT devices distributed across the globe, the ED448 “Goldilocks” cryptography, and TechFin standards, which include ICAN structures and Ylem smart contracts, bringing ultimate security to the network and transaction confirmation. On top of it all, soon, Luna Mesh will be deployed on these IoT devices, which will bring transaction confirmation on a mesh network and distributed storage platforms, underlining the true decentralization of the Core Blockchain.

The acquired Core Business Holdings software includes these unique decentralized applications and smart contract platform:

● Ping Exchange
○ Hybrid exchange and trading platform. Software for Peer-to-Peer trading of assets, Forex, digital assets, and tokens. Integrated with payment processors. Secure offline storage and high-frequency trading with API connectors. Integrated OTC platform. In the process of implementing the FIX protocol for trading in all assets including traditional markets. Unique features include Swapping, Offline Signatures, Limit, Market and Stop orders.
● Core Token
○ A platform bringing Blockchain to real-world solutions including special features such as DAO, and asset digitization while simultaneously programming multiple jurisdictions’ compliance and regulation.
● Wall Money (Website to be released soon)
○ Banking as a Service (BaaS), including Lending as a Service (LaaS) platform, supporting an entirely NEO banking service platform, as well as FinTech services platforms, such as underwriting insurance on demand, Dao-based fund management, loyalty program support, voucher management, and others.
● Core Pay (Website to be released soon)
○ A decentralized peer-to-peer payment gateway for merchants and customers, supporting merchant accounts, digital assets, and money remittances. Special features: wallet, Invoices, apps - point of sale, crowdfunding, payment button, accounting, payment requests, vouchers, and others.

Apart from modular implementations of transactional and data facilitation of the various subsidiaries of ARAX in current use cases to be deployed soon, in the immediate future, we will deploy solutions in the DeFi industry, where we will provide the opportunity for investors to unlock the values in NFTs, properties, financial instruments, and slow-moving assets.

Unlocking the liquidity using DeFi in a programmable regulated environment, including the unique feature of programmable smart contracts that includes compliance in the choice of the regulated environment, where the settlement takes place, will differentiate ARAX and its subsidiaries from any other competition in the market, where the investors are not exposed to centralized trading and asset management platforms.

ARAX and its four subsidiaries mentioned above are the foundation that defines the initial components of a financial ecosystem of instant settlement, where FIAT and digital assets are settled instantaneously. Some of the unique features of this settlement platform will include decentralized liquidity in not only digital assets but also FIAT.

“The vision of ARAX is to invest in companies that are focused on decentralized environments that deliver secure and scalable Dapps with real-world application with the focus of comforting investors and bringing blockchain to everyday life.” - Ockert Loubser COO

Thank you for reading our first News Desk Article and we look forward to bringing you regular updates about ARAX’s new approach to investing in cutting-edge technology.

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