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Shaquita Smith gives SUPERIOR performance and TRANSFORMATION in ALLBLK, AMC Networks "WIcked City"

Shaquita Smith

Shaquita Smith portrays Jordan davis, a querky, nerdy but yet powerful witch in "Wicked City"

ATLANTA, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2022 / -- Breakout star Shaquita Smith performance in the new supernatural drama "Wicked City" is beyond stellar and breathtaking. Her range and transformation beamed through the screen as she embodies this adorable character name "Jordan Davis". Smith striking peformance has made waves in the hollywood world and the world is not ready for whats next for her.

Her character name is Jordan Davis, 28, a cute Black woman with natural hair who works at The Mystic Haven, an occult shop. Jordan is the “good girl” type with a classic case of middle child syndrome, insecure, never sure where she fits in, and always striving to be liked and seen as valuable. Her parents divorced when she was 11 so her teenage years were spent with a mother who worked a lot to support her and her older sister, and a loving father who got busy with his new family and his very young children.

This left Jordan feeling left behind. Jordan has the power to sense magick and energy, but she can’t actively use it herself like the others. Not having an active power feeds her insecurity and makes her question her value to the coven. It also pushes her desire to do anything to gain more magick. In fact, it’s her amplification spell that ends up killing one of their coven members, Mona, and sets their story in motion. Jordan’s journey is to learn her value both magickally and personally. She is very knowledgeable and a constant resource for her coven, but it takes her time and many mistakes to realize how valuable she actually is. Jordan will certainly improve but she’ll make some big mistakes along the way. She is the catalyst for many of the coven’s magickal choices that go wrong and put them in more danger which raises the stake for her in every path she leads them down. Even so, people will root for her because they will want to see her triumph and they’ll love seeing her transformation into anempowered woman and witch. I give Shaquita Smith standing ovation for her striking and dynamic performance as Jordan Davis and hope can get considered for many awards.

Wicked City is a television series that follows a group of four modern-day witches named Jordan (Smith), Mona (Mcdowell), Angela (maurice), and Sherise (mack) who are a part of a witch coven known as Charmed City located in Atlanta. The coven, led by their mentor Tabitha (Bell Calloway), recruits a naturally gifted witch named Camille, played by Taylor Polidore, who is completely unaware of her gift. The group comes together to perform a ritual that ends in an accidental death. Using a forbidden spell, they are able to resurrect the victim, but in doing so they bring a demon from the other side.
Wicked City is directed by Dale Lewis and executive produced by Tressa Smallwood and Vanessa Bell Calloway. Watch Wicked City on ALLBLK steaming service.

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Shaquita Smith as Jordan Davis