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Bluepay launches its super fintech app

fintech, fintech app, multiurrency card, credit card, transfer money

Bluepay fintech super app

fintech, fintech app, multiurrency card, credit card, transfer money

Bluepay multicurrency Card

Bluepay continues its efforts into building a FinTech super app in Iraq and the Middle East.

IRAQ, December 7, 2022 / -- Bluepay announced its latest technology release providing its users the ability to trade US listed stocks through its mobile app, an unprecedented technology solution built and provided locally. This move followed other Fintech provided services such as the multicurrency solution that unlocked a new horizon of opportunities in the Iraqi market.

Through the multicurrency technology provided for all the app users regardless of the type of cards they possess, help them in topping their accounts by both dollars and Iraqi dinars then use the application to exchange their balances into 10 other currencies. For instance, exchanging into Turkish lira helped travelers to turkey to possess a Turkish local-like card and helped small businesses that buy products from turkey to access E-Commerce platforms that only deal with turkish issued financial products.

Additionally, and through the app, users can now issue a Bluepay UnionPay card that helps them perform financial transactions to and from China. This opens the China corridor for small and medium businesses in Iraq and MENA to do more business through Chinese companies.

All of this comes a few months after the inauguration of Blue Platinum, the first platinum prepaid card Bluepay launched in Iraq in partnership with Visa International that aims to provide normal consumers with the platinum add-ons in addition to Bluepay other FinTech technologies such as the multicurrency feature and zero fess on online transaction.

Ali Al-Saeed, Blue CEO, mentioned “Our aim is to build the first super financial app in the region that gives freedom to users, also enable regional banks to give unique services using our technology. We have plans to expand our services in the region in Q1 2023, focusing on Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Bluepay is an Iraq based Fintech company that provides a wide range of tech driven solutions to customers and recently got the central Bank approval to be the first and only company that have international money transfer service.

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